Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching Up

I have finished my April project for SAL - I had made a good start on finishing it when I was doing SNSBM - and then I did SSBM (although I found out it was really a SSWF (...With Friends as the lovely Fiona was also sewing with me...).
OK enough acronyms - they are doing MY head in.
 It is "Bon Noel" wallhanging by Natalie Bird from the book Tis the Season.  I made it in blues to complement my Tis the Season quilt.

I thought at the time - this "Bon Noel" isn't real French and I was right - but it's done and we all know we are just trying to be smart saying "Merry Christmas" in another language.

.Another project I want to show is this one.

This used to be on my UFO list - and I knew I should finish it - all I had to do was put it together - all the bits were prepped.  But  I had started it to go with all my black & white sewing gidgets - then I found a big bag in the same fabric so I bought that - a lot easier and in the end a lot cheaper than the fabrics and classes that I went to, to make the bag.  So, I deleted it from the UFO list a while back but still had it hanging around...
When my SIL asked me if I had any spare black & white fabrics for a quilt she was making - I asked her if she'd like to have the bag as well.  She hesitatingly said "Yes?" and has now finished it. 

Each side has external pockets in varying patchwork techniques.

And now I realise I have made prairie points before!!

I think she has done a great job and I'm really pleased it went to a good home and moved out of my space.


  1. "Bon Noel" is lovely...It looks great in the Blue. Well done. Glad your UFO moved house and it looks great.

  2. Great to see that the UFO bag has been finished off. Looks lovely.

  3. Love your wall hanging, I'm doing mine in blue as well as I want to hang it in my kitchen at Xmas and the colour will suit quite well. Hugs.....

  4. mmm now I am craving a can of Campbell's Alphabet Soup. Not sure if that is available in Australia but I used to have it for lunch often when I was a little girl. All those letters made me a bit cross eyed so thank you for offering the translation too! xx debbie

  5. Hi Susan love your xmas wallhanging that blue is beautiful and what a lovely thing to do with your bag,she did a fabulous job of it.xx

  6. Love the wall hanging in those pretty blues. That bag turned out great too! :-)

  7. Great hanging, it looks so different done in the blues, well done Susan.
    The bag had come up beautifully, you were wise in passing on the unwanted item to SIL, she did a great job x

  8. love the bon noel in blue... great idea to have it to match the quilt!
    the bag looks great.... how fun to do some bits and then pass it on.... haha...


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