Sunday, September 17, 2023

FNSI - September

When you don't work, it's hard to decide when Friday Night starts, but for some of the later part of the day I was finding some fabrics for a proposed rainbow sort of project.  I plan to work on this at my next retreat - which is from next Sunday.  (yes, a new project!!!)

When that was done & packed away with the necessary other fabrics and tools, I settled down to the hand sewing of the binding on this baby quilt.

Thanks, Wendy for the group hugs - it keeps us motivated!

It seems none of my comments go through to the email system of the blog owner, so I will just keep commenting - when I get to it.  It seems to be a common problem.   DRATS!
At least I still get my comments in my email.


Janice said...

Your new project is just a tad brighter than the baby quilt you are finishing. Have fun at the retreat - what, another one?!

Maria said...

Those lovely brights will make a great quilt.
Always nice to sit and do some hand sewing.

loulee said...

Have fun on retreat. I love the hand binding part, it's nice to sit n sew.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful collection of fabrics. Enjoy your retreat. I get your comments when I go and approve them on the blog, but then sometimes they disappear before I get to reply to them!

Susie H said...

Have a great time at retreat!!! Getting ready is difficult. I usually take too much to work on. See you next month!

jude's page said...

Love your collection of bright for a sort of rainbow project