Saturday, March 21, 2020

FNSI - March

Not a very productive night really . .  .but a bit of crochet

same yarn as before - but one ball was not enough for 3 blocks, so I bought another , but that of course still didn't complete 6 blocks, so I just gave up and bought 5 (for $10, cheaper than $2.50 a single ball), so you will continue to see more of these....I love the colour.
I think Teal is my new favourite colour!!!

and a bit of stitching

and they are both  . . .sort of . . .related to green-though its hard to tell this is a minty green colour. (as promised Wendy!!!!)

Maybe you were more productive???

op over here to look up the others.

I think cyber sewing will be a way of life for a while.    😒


  1. I think teal is my favourite too .... lovely work. Any stitching is some progress... have a lovely weekend...

  2. Love those sheep... & yes "teal" is a lovely colour...xox

  3. Hi Susan, I've been meaning to say your Jingle All the Way is beautiful. Teal is definitely a bright but enjoyable shade. I do a little crocheting as well finished my last afghan (Lucy at Attic 24) in the fall, need to start another now. We are in isolation here in Ontario though numbers are low.

  4. Love that variegated yarn and very cute sheep.

  5. A little is still good progress, lovely wool colour and matching sheep.

  6. I do love Teal! Well done on stitching too xx

  7. Your teal yarn is SCRUMPTIOUS! Would love to see a block ... or did you share that in a previous post? Good job!

  8. Teal is colour of the month for RSC so you are very 'on tred' lol. Wooly sheep are always fun. xx

  9. Teal is definitely in my favourite colour shade range! Lovely progress - and it's good you now have a good amount of wool for more lovely blocks x

  10. Hey at least you did something, that's all that matters.Cute sheep


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