Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunday Stitchers' Morning Tea - Australia Day theme

At our Sunday Stitchers meetings we have two people bringing food - it is referred to as Morning Tea - but it has become Morning Tea/Lunch/Afternoon tea - I don't think anyone bothers to bring their own lunch anymore.

This month Marilyn and I took on the "challenge" - and it has become that.....we needed a theme and preferably one that hasn't been done before - but it was a bit of short notice for us - so we decided Australia Day - but using yellow & green instead of red white & blue.  Disappointingly I couldn't find any green & yellow decorations...at least the table cloth is yellow.
I googled and found a few things to do......
some koala biscuits
and a cheese platter in the shape of Australia...the Shapes were the new ones - Meat Pie and Sausage flavour ...and of course cocktail frankfurts - or "Cheerios" as the Qld people call them...(weird)
I added the flag - and you can also see Marilyn's fruit platter - again in the shape of Australia and using different fruit for each state. Some lamingtons and sandwiches.

(what would we do without google????)

That was fun....now to think about the theme for the next time we do it...


  1. Susan, you and your friend are so creative. What a great morning tea table. We always call Cocktail frankfurts "Little Boys" for obvious reasons.

  2. That's so much fun... and too pretty to eat...
    but I bet you all did...xox

  3. Wonderful clever food ideas....

  4. Very clever food ideas, it all looks amazing.

  5. Very clever work girls....looked wonderful....I am letting the WEIRD comment slide lol! It is a bit of a challenge....I am not sure my grey matter can take too many "unboring" challenges hahaha!

  6. Some very good ideas - the koala biscuits look great x

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