Saturday, December 29, 2018

String Quiltalong

I discovered a String Quilt Quilt a Long starting January 2019.

I needed another project   NOT for 2019....but I had planned a table cloth using striped blocks like we did earlier in the year for Sunday Stitchers, so this will be a great motivator to work on it.   I have no idea how it will be run but I have indicated my interest in joining.

If anyone else feels tempted - pop over here to read about it.

Gotta go - need to go fabric shopping!


  1. Lol I know exactly what you mean about new projects! Have fun!

  2. Yes I have been tempted too - on the Moda site. I will take it easy I think and try and do a few....

  3. Oh dear! We are lost causes aren't we....I have 17 blocks in a box somewhere lol!


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