Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Welcome to the North Pole

Finally finished!!!

I started this one in January 2014 - here

I made the blocks - I had a lot of fun picking fabrics to match the theme of the house - (including some I changed) - naturally that involved some shopping . . .- so mostly they are added to my collection of novelty fabrics.
I made one of the buildings a post office - after all Santa's mail has to be delivered - but could not find a fabric with stamps on it so resorted to flags.
I made a Coffee shop - a cafe - DD2 suggested that I make it look like a coffee mug.

I begged a few fabrics - particularly the flying reindeer, the Sled Shed, the cute cartoony reindeer and the Laurel Birch reindeer..

Gradually - in between other things - I worked on it

I finally got around to adding the snowy ground and bt December 2015 it was all together - here.
Thanks to Fiona (BubzRugz) for the idea of using braids etc for the roofs.

Sometime after that I ditch quilted the blocks....and it sat waiting.... again
I have more photos on my "North Pole" page - here.

Then we started the SS Challenge and I added this as #4 (The project for July)

So - I had to finish it.   I have used the Monster Machine (embroidery unit) to stitch some stars in the background.   I added a variety of doo-dads & buttons that I have been collecting over the years.
The lights on Sled Shed were given to me by Debbie (ex Sunday Stitchers) and they came all the way from Texas (US).
I have more buttons etc that I can/will add - but for now it's "DONE"



  1. Looks fabulous....well done

  2. looks fantastic, you can keep adding embellishments forever...

  3. I just love your version, there is so much thought into the décor of the houses and the colours all make it so cheerful.... well done on a wonderful finish.... so glad it will be hanging up this year...

  4. This is amazing. I love the design and the little details, such as the coffee shop being a mug. Well done on such a stunning finish x

  5. Oh wow!! I love it!! I think...perhaps... I might have that book/pattern somewhere... but where?! For now I will admire yours :) xx

  6. Go you! How good must it feel to finally have it finished. This Christmas you will actually get to use it.


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