Sunday, August 6, 2017

FNWF - August

Friday Night Sewing - I try - but sometimes its more "eyes resting" than productivity.  I did a bit of stitching and started prepping this pincushion.   I manged to finish it off Saturday night and filled it this morning.

I recently joined in the Tilda Tea Party with Quirky Quilts.  
The first project (before I joined) was a Tilda pincushion - so I decided I had to have one of those too - so I "begged" some additional fabrics from my bestie (I'm sure I am the only patchworker not to have a Tilda stash) and "whipped " this one up...

The project for August was a "Kimono Holder" - useful (??maybe) for a rotary cutter and I made thiat one during the week.

What is it about "peer pressure??"

Thanks to Cheryll again for hosting & coordinating us all - even though you are away from home!
Pop over here to see what everyone else got up to.


  1. Your pincushion & kimono look lovely. I don't have a Tilda stash- I'm not a fan. Hugs, xx

  2. I love quilting peer pressure!!! And I don't have a tilda stash either :( The pincushion is very cute and I should really make one of those kimono things.. also very cute! xx

  3. Cute projects, love the pincushion:O)

  4. haha... I know what you mean about peer pressure.... the case might be nice for glasses? I am a lover of tilda - but not so good about using it!

  5. LOL yes it is funny how we bow to peer pressure but sometimes it's good..
    Such a sweet pincushion and case..
    No I don't have any Tilda fabrics but they are sweet.

  6. Who doesn't love Tilda, I love all of her stuff. Your cutter case is brilliant as is your pincushion. I am going to have to look out for these Tilda sewing groups. Thanks :)

  7. Lovely work Susan... hhmmm, Tilda, I must go find my own stash of pretties... I have it somewhere, LOL

  8. Peer pressure is what keeps us going!! Very cute pin cushion. I am a hexie lover. I don't know Tilda fabrics - they look like soft pastels.


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