Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retreat Day 5

Sadly, our last day - and only half a day.

Nolene finished off this quilt - Louise named it "Mt Alford Fires".

I worked on my SAL blocks - getting ahead of schedule where I can - shhh - don't tell the whip crackers!!!!  I couldn't fir the 3rd row on the table - but I it will get there.
I also made up a needle case - this is the current Tilda project from Quirky Quilts
(I changed it a bit - of course!!!)

Louise & Maureen were both busy for the remaining time, but no additional finishes.

The final tally board:

I think collectively we all did a great job. 

Watch out girls - remember I have the post it notes and I will be asking about progress next year.

We are all booked in for 2018...I wonder how many sleeps til then . . 

Back to semi-reality now - and back to work on Monday....


  1. Looks like lots of lovely work got done. Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh wow, nice SAL blocks, so good that you are ahead!! Glad you all had a lovely time! xx

  3. I love the fiery quilt, great colours. Lots of work done, you should be really proud :)

  4. Looks like a lot was accomplished, well done girls!

  5. lovely work - all good things come to an end. Are we not allowed to go ahead with SAL blocks? Ooooopsss.... guidelines not rules I think???


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