Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brisbane Blog Meet

Today was our blog meet - a north side location this time - Cafe on the Park at Shorncliffe.  Scrumptious food, a lot of chatting , laughing, cameras "clicking" and some of us sewed a fair bit.  Thanks Maree for organising this.
Some (who will remain nameless - you know who you are...LOL) had sewing for a project due to be completed very soon...but didn't get much done!!  I tried to crack the whip Chookyblue - really!

Here is a photo of the group of us  (thanks Maree)

(unfortunately Maree is not in the photo)
A few of us brought along our Turtles so they could get to know each other.
 Some of the other "Show & Tell"s

Quite a few of us brought along our Red Home Tote Bags which we have made for our February project for the Stitch-A-Long.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of them all together - so pop over to Noela's blog and have a look - she has a great collection of pictures from today.

Thanks Girls for another fun day.

You can also pop over to Teresa, Helen & Marilyn for some more piccies.


  1. so sad to have missed seeing you all... even though I have had a wonderful time on the coast.....

  2. what a lovely bloggers meet Susan and love the show and tell.xx

  3. Message to Chookyblue - I have absolutely no idea who would have been the person who didn't do much stitching, and I'm sure you don't either. But I will say that Susan did a fine job of whip cracking just for practice.

  4. What a great day out Susan! Love all the show&tell... & it looks like the Turtles might be organising their own Meet next time, LOL x

  5. You all had fun at the Bloggy Get Together...

  6. Bet it was Lynda you were trying to crack the whip to see you girls had a great day together all the show and tell.......

  7. Wonderful day! Lynda? Lynda who! Im sure my finished Red Home Bag was the pink one or it could have been the blue one or perhaps the one with the gorgeous Life is Beautiful Fabric ;)

  8. It was a great day and Susan, I think you did the most stitching on your project which is so beautiful. Look forward to seeing it finished at our next one. Got Chris to have a look at the portraits so he is picking up on all the hints I am dropping. Hugs.....

  9. Looks like you all had a ball..great photos

  10. Looks like you had a great time.loved all the Show and Tell...especially the turtles!

  11. Susan, It was a very fun day. I really enjoyed making some new friends, show and tell, and seeing your's and Maria's portraits in person. They are fantastic! xx debbie


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