Sunday, August 27, 2017

Retreat Day 3

To start:  A bit of Show & Tell
One of our "newbies" brought along some dolls to show us:
The heads are from the 1930s - made of paper mache.  The bodies are newer, some of the clothing is from the 1920s.   Boudoir dolls.

Each year we organise a secret "Challenge" - 
This year we each made a non slip mat for the foot pedal of our sewing machines.
No-one has to make it...but everyone seems to play along.

I also offered another project - the teeny weeny pincushion

Here is the collection

As I was the "teacher" - my new one didn't quite make the "collection" shot, so it gets its own picture:

A group shot before some go home.

Those of us staying went to the Mt Alford Pub for dinner.  This time I had bangers & mash.

 Although we were all very busy, I don't seem to have too many pictures, but here is the Tally Board at the end of day 3.

There are still 8 of us staying on , so there will be more tags moved over on Monday & Tuesday.


  1. Oh those pincushions look great all together they did well........

  2. great idea for the pedals... I have just a loose piece of that non slip stuff which is not nearly as smart. Did you bind aroudn a single piece or is there more layers? I love those mini pincushions... such great work - foundation pieced???? Happy sewing for the next couple of days...

  3. Love the dolls you are all keeping busy❤️

  4. WOW! sew many beautiful finishes and those pincushions are sew cute...


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