Sunday, August 6, 2017

FNWF - August

Friday Night Sewing - I try - but sometimes its more "eyes resting" than productivity.  I did a bit of stitching and started prepping this pincushion.   I manged to finish it off Saturday night and filled it this morning.

I recently joined in the Tilda Tea Party with Quirky Quilts.  
The first project (before I joined) was a Tilda pincushion - so I decided I had to have one of those too - so I "begged" some additional fabrics from my bestie (I'm sure I am the only patchworker not to have a Tilda stash) and "whipped " this one up...

The project for August was a "Kimono Holder" - useful (??maybe) for a rotary cutter and I made thiat one during the week.

What is it about "peer pressure??"

Thanks to Cheryll again for hosting & coordinating us all - even though you are away from home!
Pop over here to see what everyone else got up to.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Redlands Quilt Extravaganza

To cut a long story short - today should have been a sewing day with Sunday Stitchers...but three of us (De Cheryl & I) ended up at the Redlands Quilt Extravaganza at Cleveland.

There was so much to admire and get inspiration from....

Lots of photos coming...lots...

This is a variation on a one block wonder...always wanted to do one of these:

and a close up

 This one had a very interesting border... 
 Can't resist trees ..
 This was great - could only get a close shot
The quilting was fabulous

 I took this one for Chooky - the chooks are machine embroidery
 This was fairly small - but such a variety of embroidery stitches

This is a Nikki Tervo pattern - stitched circles on a jelly roll race quilt - not such a good shot but a wonderful quilt - would look equally good using another fabric in place of the stitched circles.
 This was an interesting border on a Lucy Boston quilt

Here are a few quilts by Lynne Williams - she had quite a few quilts on display.  I met Lynne many years ago when I went to a creative arty group - it stopped after a while - just as I was getting into it - but I admire this woman's talent immensely.
She has had a serious cancer scare and some of her quilts reflect what she went through in relation to the illness and her treatments.   Very moving.

 And I thought this was also very clever

 some interesting quilting
 Love the Amy Butler adaptation

 Jeanette - I took this one for you!

 De, Cheryl and I examined this one very closely - it is based on Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Star - but comparing this one to the original - I love this one so much more...Although it is "wonky" it is structured wonky - only the points are "off kilter" - what a great scrap quilt and a great group project . . .we thought . . . 

This is a close up of the stars:

You can see what I mean about structured . . .I hope

 It must have been the day for Wonky as we also spied this one - wonky flying geese:

So many new projects to start . . .so man old ones to finish first...??
Thanks for your company De & Cheryl - it was a great day

Sad we didn't get a sewing day - but we did have a ball.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quilt Show @ St Johns Enoggera

Maria - a sewing and blog friend from way back goes to this church, so I thought I'd go along to look at the Quilt Show - I meant to buy some raffle tickets in the hope of winning one of her gorgeous throws - ooops - I forgot!!

But I did spy a few quilts I liked in the display.

This one - mainly because I have this panel and this is such a great way to make it up:
 And this one - of course - for the purple and the butterflies
This has been a favorite of mine for ages:

 And I thought this was very interesting too.
Since I left that quilt show - Sunday plans have been changed and I'm off to the Redlands Quilt Extravaganza  tomorrow - more quilts to drool over - more retailers to keep happy.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

FNWF - July

And another month rolls by - and as usual I joined a group of cyber friends to sew the night away...its a bit difficult to sew when you are falling asleep in the comfy recliner - so I shuffled off to my Sewing Space and put this one together for the SAL.
It was mostly done - just had to add the squares around the block...then change them because I didn't like my original choice of big squares -  oh well that is why they invented unpickers!

Thanks to Cheryll and all the cyber sewers - great motivation to get sewing.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tweeny Weeny pin cushion

At Chooky's Chookshed party the girls made a tiny pincushion - you can check out some of  them here....Chooky was kind enough to send me the link to the pattern...I just had to make finishes at about 21/4".  Perhaps an exercise in fiddliness.

I think it took longer to decide on the fabrics and cut them than to make it - although a VERY useful tip from Chooky was to cut the strips 3/4" wide instead of 1/2" - and the ones that should be 3/4" - at least 1".  I filled it with walnut shells to 
give it some weight.

Next time though I think I will draw it onto a very fine vilene and leave it in - removing the paper was a tedious part of the exercise.

One quick project finished....I have a collection of 'almost finished'   .... I need to get myself organised....

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gail Pan "Seasons" - Block 1

Finally a post that isn't FNWF or FNSI

Progress on my lazy daisy flowers...all my stitchery blocks have become block1.
Today is a day off work for me - and although I had some errands to do - I thought I'd do a bit on this block when I could during the day  I had a few of the units already assembled but still had cutting and sewing to thing lead to another and the block is done.

I still occasionally have moments of "why am I doing this?" - but I do remember I loved the shop version - so grabbed the kit when it went on special when the shop was closing.
Now that I have a finished block I am happy with it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

FNSI time again - the months seem to fly by and when you have these regular meetings it just highlights how quickly a month can go.
Thanks to Wendy again for keeping us all going.

Tonight I worked on my Gail Pan "Seasons" many lazy daisy flowers (grrrrr) - I was hating them - but I found a lovely variegated perle 8 thread DMC 4504 which I am using for those annoying flowers. I have them as good as I can get them now.

I also did a bit of plain crochet for a block for the blankets for "Knitting for Brisbane's Needy" group.

I found another great quote from Summer on Blossom Street -#6 in the Debbie Macomber Blossom Street series books.

"Watching a complex stitch pattern grow as I knit 
silences the voice in my head that tells me to sweep the floor.  
I imagine dust bunnies are knitting themselves together under my chair".

- Substitute "sewing" for knitting for sewing and she is spot on!!

Hope all my cyber sewing buddies had a fun & productive night - I will try to visit some of you over the coming week.

See you next month.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

FNWF & the Chookshed Party

Friday Night

I joined 29 other ladies for Cheryll's FNWF.  and sewed and crocheted and cut & prepped.
You can go here to the Linky to catch up on everyone else.


To while away time when I am a passenger in the car (mainly to and from work 4 days a week) I have been knitting 10" squares to give to a friend Maria who makes the squares into blankets for the needy.
Whilst I enjoy knitting - I thought that crocheting would probably be a quicker method so I've started a block.  It's certainly quicker - though not as easy to do in the dark in the car.

Cutting and Prepping

After I found the last purplish fabric that I needed during my Victorian Road Trip - I now have the sections ready for my Little Patchwork Village quilt.
I hope to be able to cut the stitcheries on Sunday and start making the blocks.

Saturday / Saturday Night

Group #1 Sewing Day - so I sewed some more.   So I will clock that up to the Chookshed Party. (Click on the link to see the list of virtual attendees and what they worked on.)

This is a Gail Pan pattern called Seasons - I bought a kit for it - most unusual for me - when it was on sale at a local shop that was closing down - it must be 3 or 4 years old by now.
I have changed the fabric for the background so that I can do all the stitcheries and then put the blocks together.

This is so outside my normal colour way....I am already thinking its a bit dull.   It might just end up as one block.  I might just re do the whole block...who knows???


Hopefully some more cutting & sewing.

I hope all the Chookshed party people are having a ball - and all the cyber attendees are happily sewing along too.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Big Weekend

I had a BIG weekend last weekend...
(look here to see what I mean about F.A.R.T.)

and I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.
Here is another big weekend - no F.A.R.T.s this time - a lot of sewing...well that is the plan!!

Tonight is FNWF and fortunately DH will be watching AFL leaving me free to have a quick meal and then I can sew.
Saturday is sewing day with Group 1
AND The whole weekend is Chooky's Chookshed party

I'm sure Chooky would love to have you join in the cyber fun - just click on the link above.
No idea at the moment which WIP or UFO I will work on...there might be a couple I could choose from...

Enjoy your weekend - Happy Sewing

Saturday, May 20, 2017

FNSI - May

I think this post should be "Friday Night Recovery"

Friday, I had a FART - a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!!!

Off to Toowoomba -  to meet Chookyblue, Fiona & Kris plus another sewing buddy Maree.

After a wet and very foggy drive up the range, I met the others in a lovely cafe - on a sunny day it would be lovely looking out at Queens park - today you could barely see across the road . .
Much chatting over a coffee..... as you would expect.
Then off for a short drive - we were heading to patchwork shops - but we met up in a car park somewhere (???) and travelled in 2 cars to the shops.  I was wondering if anyone looking on wondered what would make us all congregate in an almost unused car park and then take off . . .Oh well - their problem...not mine.

I did acquire some fabric . . .and a few other bits . . .

but it all has a purpose/project.... no more buying just because I like it.   (so far this year I have almost stuck to it! LOL)

After all that hard work - some design decisions had to be made for some other purchases - we enjoyed a small lunch, then a farewell to all and off down the range in even more rain and no less fog.

DH & I then went out for dinner - we had a voucher that had to be used by the end of the month.
Finally home to unpack purchases, plus a few other items I collected . . . .

A busy but very enjoyable day.

Got to love bloggy friends.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quote of the day - maybe a lifetime!

I am currently reading the Blossom Street series.  I have read #1 before, but am re-reading it before I start the rest of the series.

The story is about a lady who opens a yarn shop and there are quotes throughout the book.  

 I earmarked this one:

If you can count the number of projects you have going, 
you need to begin another, 
so you have a varied range of complexity, 
from the very simple 'mindless' ones to those that demand undivided attention.
Laura Early, lifetime knitter.

I have no idea who Laura Early is - but I am not going to argue with her.

For those interested: the Blossom Street series is written by Debbie Macomber

Saturday, May 6, 2017

FNWF - May

Another month has rolled by  . . . .it will be June soon - how scary is that??

On Friday night it was the usual Patchwork Village - all the stitching is done so now I am just doing a plain running stitch on the edges to finish them off.

I have cut the pieces for the block borders - each block ends up as a star - and I have cut 7 sets of the contrast colour for the star points - I need to find two more plummy purples to complete that bit.

I also need to source another hand sewing project - I did buy a set of sashiko coasters at the March Craft show - but they are very quick so won't keep me busy for long...

Saturday was Group 1 Sewing Day - we had planned to have a short day and go to the Quilt Show in Ipswich - but that didn't eventuate so I was home early.  Since it was technically a "Sewing Day" I just continued on when I got home - DH is down the coast at an AFL game (Corporate Box - including limo transport there and back - doing it tough!!!).
As anyone who still does paid work or used to do it - you will know preparation time is the hardest bit - so I have cut, applied applique pieces, trimmed blocks and now have a lovely pile of things to work on when the opportunity arises.

This is one of the projects that was in a limbo state - thanks to the generosity of a few friends who could give me a few bits of that unusual blue colour I was able to create the doors and all the bits are now "applied" - except the rooves or roofs to avoid the spell checker.  I'm going to add a bit of trim (ric rac/lace etc) to them first.

I have been a bit quiet in blog land lately - I do hope to get back to more visiting and commenting - work does interfere in my craft and social life at times.   So if I havent been visiting you lately - apologies..
Big thanks to Cheryll for continuing this fun night!!  and for motivating me to do a post!
I'm off - got some sewing to do . . .  .

Saturday, April 22, 2017

FNSI - April

Back to my standby project for Friday nights - Little Patchwork Village.   
So easy to stitch away - watching TV - sadly a repeat of BH&G....

Earlier in the night DH & I had taken DD2 and her partner to the airport.  DD2 has been seconded/transferred to a venue in ACT as Manager for a 4-5 month stint...Sad to see her go...but very pleased for her and her promotion.  She will have her hands full there and feel a bit cooler than normal, but I know she's up to it.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting and coordinating us all - sometimes the extra motivation we need to stay focused!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

100 Modern Quilt Blocks - A Modern Challenge

I bought this book - along with friends Maureen & Inca and another new friend Sue.   We decided we would each make our own version of a quilt using the blocks.

I am working on mine - not ready to show it yet...but I decided to participate in the Queensland Quilters Challenge this year, so used the patterns in the book to create my quilt.

The block patterns are very simple - you can whizz through quite a few in a night...that was some of the reason I chose to use them...very time poor at the moment....

Saturday, April 8, 2017

FNWF - April

Again - time to join in with cyber friends to sew or craft in some way.

An easy dinner of leftovers - and TV on....stitching on lap...disconnecting brain from work problems . . .

Working on my Little Patchwork Village...block 6 (of 9)

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend - thanks as always to Cheryll for hosting and coordinating us all.  Go here to visit the others.

I'm hoping to give my blog some time & attention over Easter . . .and hope to catch up on some blog reading.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

GDITC - Nundle 2017

What a fun packed weekend.

We left Brisbane on Thursday morning - Lynda was the Driver and I did my knitting . . .

Of course we had to stop at Warwick - Glenrose Patchwork - I bought a Cottage Garden Thread and a hanger (for a friend).

Off again on the long haul . . knitting . . chatting . .

Thursday night dinner at the Peel Inn.....most of the bloggers had arrived.

Friday morning ...some stitching in our cabin and them off to the Peel Inn for lunch.
A trip out to Cottage on the Hill - a few more necessary purchases.

Friday Night was in the BBQ area of the caravan park.  A lot of us had brought some stitching along....quite a lot of EPP happening - including me.

These are for a Charity Quilt that one of my Groups is making.

We also had Show & Tell.   A really good variety of projects...not all finished of course.
(might add some photos here later on...)
It was a late night for some...

Saturday - the day we all go for  - Sewing Day - this year the tutor was Bonnie Sullivan.  Our project was to decorate a bamboo steam cooker.  We were given a circle shape of an antique quilt, some preprinted fabric to stitch over and decorate, some felt, threads, buttons and fabric for a pincushion.

A really lovely project and a totally different concept to have fabric with the design already on it. This is a new line for Bonnie - she has a range of patterns in a similar vein - preprinted panels but plenty of scope to make them your own.
The saying in the photo is printed on a background - we stitched over the wording and then appliqued using feather stitch. There is a need;ebook too - printed fabric with stems and leaves and you add buttons for the flowers...I'll post it ...soon??...maybe
There is nothing I can find on Kerry's web site at the moment but I expect there will be.

There were a couple of "lucky" prizes handed out - random things like coloured nail polish - coloured underwear....I collected two of Bonnie's patterns:

Sadly, Kerry has decided that 10 years of GDITC is enough - this was the last one.  I think a lot of people would have come this year knowing it was the last......but I am sure some other plan will be 'hatched'.

We also had been given a design from Bonnie to use in any project we liked to be given as a swap present.  I made a sewing folder, which Marilyn received.

and I received this bag from a non blogger (Marcelle).

Sadly and surprisingly there were some people who did not  come & say thank you for their present. (obviously not bloggers.)

Here are the Bloggers of 2017 - we were lucky to have Mr Bonnie take the pictures for us.

Saturday night back to the BBQ area where we enjoyed a BBQ and our bloggers swap,
I gave these - a Design Board and a pin cushion in a tuffet style - hard to photograph - Dzintra received it.

And I got this lovely set of mug bag, coaster and scrap bag from Diddles.

I will be looking for a matchy matchy mug to go with it - thanks again Diddles!

During the weekend I managed to finish two knitted squares
- when people ask what I'm knitting I just say -
squares to make into blankets for cold needy people...
love the variegated wool in these:

On the way home we saw a rainbow - it's not that clear in the photo but it was magnificent...and we could see the end of it - unfortunately someone had beaten us and stolen the pot of gold.😞

Sadly, the end of a fun weekend - it's a long drive but it is so good to catch up with these lovely ladies.  It was a little sad knowing so many regulars were missing...(Kate - I was really hoping for some more lemon butter , , . LOL) and sad that there is no more official GDITC...but the wonders of modern technology allow us to stay in contact and no doubt some other plan will come to fruition . . .