Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kitchen Kaper Swap

The lovely "Tuesday Girls" organised another swap...we needed to include:

1.  One Tea towel - either bought or handmade..
2.  One Cookie Cutter
3.  One Spatula
4.  A Recipe Card.. (Add your favourite recipe to the card)..
5.  An Individually wrapped cookie..

I sent this to O'Faigh

and I received this lovely collection of goodies - from Jan (Little Red Hen) - those cookies were hand made and were very yummy - lucky they made the photo at all!!!
and the cookie cutter says "Eat Me" cute.

 (oops - its upside down - sorry...)

Another fun swap.
Looking forward to the next one...a Claytons Christmas swap.


  1. Lovely gifts sent and received....

  2. Hi Susan lovely gifts sent and received .......

  3. Loving the sound of these Swaps...looking forward to the Clayton's one!


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