Monday, December 21, 2015

Cushion Swap

Each Christmas my bestie and I swap cushions as Christmas presents. Of course there is much soul searching, internet searching to select just the right one...I often find that a challenge and most years I have made something that reflects a major project I did in that year.

Bestie likes pink, and hearts...and I remembered a foundation piecing pattern I made years ago (it's still a UFO...) of 3 rows of 3 hearts.  So I found it and made it again in pinks...and all from my stash - (guess I like pink too...)

and here is the gorgeous cushion Bestie made for me:

You can see some of cushions from earlier years behind it.
That Bestie girl is very clever.


  1. Both the cushions are gorgeous... Great idea for a swap....

  2. Love your cushions, I think you do like pink - what a great idea to use up some scraps - was it easy to do?

  3. Wow both cushions are beautiful Susan ,what a lovely swap to do with your bestie xx

  4. Both beautiful. What a lovely way to celebrate your friendship x

  5. beautiful bestie swap and great cushions you both made...

  6. Both cushions are just lovely Susan....

  7. That's a nice idea, swapping cushions with your bestie. Lovely cushions!


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