Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Final Finishes for December

Mug Rug

This was finished in November but I couldn't post it - Secret Stuff!!

This year in my "Loose Threads" sewing group - for birthday presents we each made one other person a Mug Rug and bought a mug to go with it.

I don't have a photo of the mug rug and mug together - but here is the mug rug.  My person wanted red - and she doesn't drink coffee - but I was able to find a red mug with a tea infuser and made the mug rug to match.

(Sorry - you will have to look sideways...
why does this happen when the picture is displayed 
the right way in Photo Gallery???*&(&^*%$$))

And here is mine - I asked for black & white and it goes really well with my black & white sewing stuff - and look at the gorgeous mug - it's a William Morris one!

Sashiko Christmas Tree

I started this earlier in the year - Sashiko is such an easy project - no preparation is needed - just pick it up and go!!  It wasn't finished in time for Christmas Day, but at least I can hang it next year.


When I was making the hexagons for the GDITC 2015 table topper it seems I made two extra - so I've appliqued them to some felt to use as coasters. 
The blue is really a lot less bright. 

Back to my Holiday To-Do List!  


Michelle Ridgway said...

I love that idea and your mugrug and mug are gorgeous. So is your Sashiko Christmas tree. Cute coasters too. Glad you are enjoying your break Susan x

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan wow I love your finishes and your mug rug and cup are gorgeous,I love the tree and what a great idea to make coasters with the left overs xx

Maria said...

Love the idea of handy gifts and the Rug Mugs are great...
Lovely Sashiko stitched christmas tree and pretty coasters...
Happy stitching...

Sandi said...

Love the black and white and that cup is gorgeous...xxx

Fiona said...

youve done lots.... I have never tried Sashiko but it is on my want to learn list