Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lessons Learnt

I have often said "You can learn something from every quilt you make". Well I have to extend that to "...every project you make".
I have finished my Anni Downs pincushion, for the March project for SAL.  I have learnt lots.
I don't always follow a pattern exactly how it's written... (well after all - I am a smarty pants!).
So, my lessonS from this project are:
1.  If its small and fiddly DO NOT use a loosely woven thick linen type of fabric to stitch on if it's going to have to be pulled through a small gap (and subsequently stitched back together after all the edges have frayed and been stretched).

2. If its small and fiddly DO NOT use parlan behind the stitchery - because of course not only do I have to pull the thicker than normal fabric through a very small gap - it has also been made even thicker by adding the parlan.
SO, maybe if I had stuck to the letter of the law - oops pattern - I would have avoided those problems...
BUT - go back to my earlier point - "Don't always follow the pattern too closely" - If the join was in the bottom of the pincushion - in the 9 patch - it could have been bigger and a lot of these problems may have been avoided.

Sigh. . . .

So, I am not all that happy with the end result - but I photographed it to hide its blemishes.

I think it might join the Turtle in being an "only child".

And, if you are interested - the first time I coined this phrase was when I used a fabric with a wavy stripe on it for binding - cut along the stripe - A VERY BAD move! - the binding looks so crooked.

OK - Gotta go - off to the Stitches & Craft Show!

Edited:  another lesson learnt today - long story - didn't get to the craft show - maybe Saturday.


  1. Ah but it looks great.... you must have hidden things well... but you did seem to make it hard on yourself!!! As you say lessons learnt... I do love it in the blue...
    Have fun at the craft show - I am planning to make it to the October one...

  2. i agree i think it looks great also and i also love it in the blue,oh lucky you, have fun at the craft show.xx

  3. From what we can see of its "better side" it looks great. Lovely blue. I used a bit thicker linen too and it was a bit squeezy, but I didnt use the parlan, just whisperweft. I would stick to quilting cotton if I made another. Anyway project done, and on to the next month. Have fun at the Craft Show.

  4. You make me smile with this one Susan, the things we learn from our rebel ways

  5. So refreshing to read your post....I thought I was the only one who never follows a pattern properly - except this time I did - yay! Yours looks lovely - and no imperfections visible. Have fun at the craft show and I hope some lovely little items make their way home with you.

  6. I dont think you are alone on not following a pattern completely. Hope you make it to the craft show on Saturday.

  7. Sounds like the wee pin cushion gave you plently of grief but I must say it was well worth it as it looks great......

  8. This looks lovely,. You know we all have a better side! So your pincushion is quite normal.
    Enjoy the craft show.

  9. Dawn Parker the original owner of The Patchwork Tree always said...'it's the overall effect' whenever students weren't happy with their efforts and I've found that to be a healthy maxim to live by. It looks great by the way...its overall effect is beautiful!! :-)

  10. it's a constant learning never stop........which is nice.....

  11. Oh Susan, what a frustration for you! Hindsight is a beast, huh?!
    Well, what I see looks great... perhaps you will decide not to be beaten, & make another some time.
    I like to use Weaveline behind small stitcheries, gives great stability without bulk. x

  12. The photo of the pin cushion looks good Susan. These sorts of things teach us not everything goes according to plan but can still turn out okay in the end. Hugs......

  13. The photo of the pin cushion looks good Susan. These sorts of things teach us not everything goes according to plan but can still turn out okay in the end. Hugs......

  14. Susan, I think it looks really nice. The blue is perfect for that stitchery. xx debbie

  15. Loved reading about your lessons learnt. I am always looking for 'quicker' 'better' ways to do things. I think I have nearly made a pincushion with a side wall. It was all too much. No one is going to notice any construction problems with all that cute stitchery. It looks gorgeous.