Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March was a GREAT month for Giveaways

I am almost embarrassed to post about this..

This month I have won 3 Giveaways.
Firstly - and I have received this - a collection of lovely goodies from Val Laird.  I can tell you her handwork is exquisite.
This is what I won:
(Picture from Val's blog)

Then I came second in Barb's Giveaway   It was a total surprise as she had only mentioned "a" Giveaway.   
ED:  My surprise has arrived:
Beautifully wrapped:

and I have been admiring aqua and red for a while - and this was inside - 3 yummy pieces of fabric and 3 Cosmo Seasons Threads - and colours I don't have already  - and a beautiful little card:

Then - to my complete amazement I won a Giveaway from Aunt Marti.  I won a giveaway from her before - here - and when I entered her next one - I commented but said not to include me in the draw since I had already won one - You wouldn't believe it but I was picked out first in that draw.    But I kept entering her Giveaways and this time I have won a book - signed by the author no less!  I will have to wait a bit for that since it will have to come from the states.. No complaints here!!!

They say things come in 3's, so maybe that is it for a bit!!

The downside to all this fun & excitement is - (1) more projects that could end up on the "to do" list and (2) it's almost the 28th and I still have a project to finish by the end of the month.  Lucky Easter is a loooong weekend.

Happy Easter everyone - if you are gathering with friends & family - enjoy and stay safe.
If its a quiet one - enjoy it and get some sewing done!!


  1. congrats Susan you are very tinny,well done and you also have a awesome easter.xx

  2. It has been a good month for you, with those 3 surprises. I read your name as the winner on one of the blogs when I was reading it - not sure which one now.
    You have a lovely Easter also, and hope you get that project finished.
    In between Grandies visiting I hope to get another project finished.

  3. Congrat's Susan,the other two winners of my giveaway have received their parcels so hopefully today yours will arrive? If not by the end of next week will you let me know and I'll re-send another one to you:)
    Enjoy your Easter long weekend :) Barb.

  4. Big congrats Susan. Great wins. Enjoy it all. Have a safe and happy Easter too.

  5. Fantastic wins.... such fun... hope you have a lovely stitchy easter...

  6. How lucky for you to win so many give aways. Happy Easter.

  7. Lucky girl! Congratulations on the win and its always lovely to get "nice" mail

  8. Congratulations! Enjoy your new goodies. xx debbie


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