Monday, January 7, 2013

UFO List for 2013

I've signed up again for Sew Its Finished 2013, where the plan is to finish at least one project a month (more if you can but let's be realistic) and at the same time I am joining in with Aunt Marti - where she has challenged us to complete 13 projects in 2013.  So, considering I have a pile of other things I also want to work on this year that I can't honestly class as a UFO, I am combining the two challenges.

So - confession time - here is my 2013 list.

McKenna Ryan Fuchsias - to be quilted & bound
Red Houses Wall Quilt - Marg Low pattern - 4 houses to be finished, put together, quilted, bound
Journey of a Quilter - 2 blocks to finish, put together, quilted, bound
Donna's Dreaming - to be quilted and bound
Flower Box Quilt to be quilted and bound
Homespun magazine - BOM project from 2010 - 2 blocks to be made, 4 blocks to be put together, quilted & bound
I Spy - Disappearing 9 patch - more blocks to be made, cut, re-assembled, quilted & bound
Hall Stand Runner - stitcheries done, to be put together
Sew Laugh Love - Leanne Beasley - finish stitchery, assemble
Happy Block Quilt - from many years ago - to be quilted and bound
Turtle - Anni Downs - assemble
Christmas Table Runner - pattern was a present from my husband in 2012, so has to be included so it's ready for Christmas 2013
and totally ambitious
Best Friends - a Millimac pattern, assemble, complete overlapping blocks, quilt and bind.

Strictly speaking  for Aunt Marti's Challenge I should number them and do the project that matches the number she tells us, but that doesn't work as well for me, so I will still aim to do one a month.

In addition to this I have 9 - now 8 - projects for the Stitch A Long run by Chookyblue,a challenge quilt to do before March, a quilt to be bound for a wedding last December, blocks for Stitchers' Garden (a class I am attending), and  ... well that is enough to scare me!! 

Wish me Luck!!!


  1. That's quite a list... and many of them look like they could be quite big projects... so fun to have them listed and the new ones too... and perhaps some more might sneak in?

  2. Good luck. I have put a little post about Sew its finished on my blog. Cheers Pauline

  3. good luck Susan,my the force be with you,lol.xx

  4. Good luck! At least you are brave enough to put the list up publicly. I joined 'Sew Its Finished' for the first time this year, in the hope it will spur me on to finish the pile I have.

  5. Wow that is one awesome list. Can't wait to see all of your finished thing.
    Good luck!

  6. Good luck Susan - I'm too scared to do a list - might disgrace myself completely! Tracee xx

  7. That looks like a good sized list for the year. I hope you get to cross them out throughout the year.

  8. That's a very robust list there Susan, at least you have a list, my UFOs are kinda spread out & lost amongst my stuff!

  9. Susan, next step is to go the chemist and stock up on vitamins! :) You will have plenty for Show and Tell. How are you coping with all this heat and smoke? debbie

  10. No luck needed Susan....we'll help you get there!!!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox


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