Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shrinking Fabric

Have you ever used this stuff?? Its marketed in smaller pieces as Texture Magic but you can buy it by the metre as well.

I have used it once before and played with for a few other little things.

Last night I worked on these:

 and a close up 

Any idea what they are for??

The idea is to sew it to the fabric and then steam it - it is so humid here that a few leaves had started to curl even before the iron was anywhere near it.
(For those not in the know - it is very wet on the east coast of Australia - especially the SE corner of Queensland and the northern parts of NSW.  Have a look:

There is also a lot of strong wind heading our way.

The rectangle shows roughly where I live.


  1. Hi some of the ladies in the group I go to used the shrinking fabric . They free motion sewed it, ironed and embelished and used it to make the front of a bag.

    It is very wet here in Nanango too

  2. I have some and bought it to make a bag. You have reminded me I have it in a cupboard. You can get two different sizes of shrinkage (can't think of the proper term to use). Have a pattern as well, will have to search it out when I get some time. Rain here but no damage as yet. Praying that is is not going to be as bad as they are predicting. Stay safe Susan

  3. the leaves look such fun... maybe you are sewing a tree?????? it is so wet, I can't believe we were crying from the heat.... our road out is over so we are going to have to take the long way...

  4. lovely leaves Susan and stay safe.xx

  5. That looks interesting ......will be good to see what they become! Hope you are dry and safe!

  6. Great leaves. The shrinking fabric suits them. I have seen this used in jacket panels and hand bags but never used it. I love Joey's page. I made one for my Stumpy too.


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