Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secret Sewing from before Christmas

I had some secret sewing on the go before Christmas and couldn't show one of the projects.  I showed a hint here  (Secret Sewing Project #2).

Finally my present arrived in the USA - it did take a while - but I have now heard from the recipient.  [Edited: - And she has now commented - telling me how much she really loved it - and so did all her friends at Quilt Guild!!!]

 I wanted something "Australian" without being too much and saw this lovely panel at the Craft show in Brisbane last October - then was lucky enough to find a perfect fabric to back and bind it with.  (Thanks Bargain Box! - ever been there?? they are not too bad...I know of the ones at Capalaba and Ipswich)

I included a few extra  bits and pieces in the parcel - my friend Marti is now a big fan of Caramello Koalas!  I included some Vegemite too - she is planning on having it on crackers - with Vodka.  I wonder if she will like it??
[Edited: - please read her comment - its #2 - and see why she will have it with vodka!! - Sorry Marti - I think most of us Aussie will get a giggle from that!!)

Also I have signed up for Friday Night Sew In -  here's the link

I would usually be sewing on Friday night anyway so may as well do it all properly and remember to post on Saturday...
I have to get "something" finished before the end of the month...oh! the pressure!!!


  1. Lovely runner. Let us know how she enjoyed the vegemite, not sure how well it will go with vodka though. Will be sewing along with you for FNSI. Hugs.....

  2. Susan, tell everyone I love the table runner -- and so did my friends at quilt guild. Noela, I'm thinking of Vegemite as a sort of low-budget caviar. And one always drinks (Russian) vodka with caviar!

  3. A bit different from us having toast and vegemite with our cuppa for breakfast. We need feedback as to how it goes with vodka. (because I dont think I will try it.) Lovely and very appropriate panel. I used to go to the Bargain Box in Caloundra when we lived there, till it closed down.

  4. Susan, did you give her specific Vegemite instructions?! I wasn't raised on it either. It looks so much like chocolate but it could be a rude surprise if you use too much. I speak from experience HAHA. I know I hated it at first, but perseverance paid off and now I can't live without it. I've even had it has a hot drink on some of those cold, cold nights, but on toast with butter is still the best. debbie

  5. Vegemite and Vodka........cant wait to hear from Marti about that combination! Great sewing Susan. Will be joining you for FNSI - probably all day here due to the rain!

  6. Gosh the runner has come up so pretty... great fabric find ... and just perfect.... I do fancy Australian caviar with vodka.... hee hee.... "I'm a happy little fish egg!!"...

  7. such a gorgeous runner Susan well done on such a beautiful finish,see you tonight.xx

  8. Well done. You did a lovely job. Caramello bears yum! Maybe that's how we could make Vegemite more palatable for overseas folks give them Vodka. Lol.

  9. Vegemite and that sounds like an interesting cocktail. The Caramello's were a good touch. Love your latest blocks too, you busy little Vegemite LOL


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