Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Ban Word Verification for Ever!!!

Is Blogger's word and number verification getting you down? Well now's the time to join Chookyblue and Shez  and me and many others and turn it off on your blogs. You might get more comments - often I just give up if its late and it doesn't accept my answers after the second try. Could this be the reason why blogland seems to be very quiet lately. So please think about turning it off, most spam gets picked up and put in the spam folder and if someone leaves a not very nice comment you can delete it.
If you're not happy you can always switch back.
Now if aren't sure how to do it go here and chookyblue will show you how. 

Many thanks to Shez for allowing me to plagiarise her post on the same topic!!!


  1. These days there is spam comments software that will discover your blog and barrage you with "comments" - I know someone who got more than 5 hundred in a single day scattered across all the posts on his blog - and he had to weed them out, one by one - that was me!

    I kept capcha on my blogspot and added FACEBOOK comments - I think it's for the best. the other problem bloggers (and even BIG orgs have) is comments getting out of hand - like the ones on this article that totally have no relation to the post:

  2. started to leave some comments tonight but if the first try on word veri didn't work i shut the site and didn't bother trying again..........

  3. i get very annoyed with word verification,its a big time waster,come on blog land lets make every visit a good visit.xx

  4. I agree ladies, I got rid of it a long time ago and I don't comment on blogs with the word thingee...... I tried leaving the numbers out and yes you are right chooky you don't have to use them but its still a pain.


  5. I don't have word verification, but I DO have Comment moderator... which means I can go through the comments waiting to be published and delete all the spam ones and nasty ones.
    It's even better than just stopping word verification.

  6. I agree... I have had mine off for some time and so far no problems at all....

  7. If I can't read a word verification easily, I 'refresh' it until i get one i can read... but yes, I do agree that it's a pain at times. I have had mine off for some time now, & luckily had no probs.


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