Friday, August 17, 2012

August 2012 Retreat

Every year in August my group head off to the Scenic Rim to enjoy a few days of luxury and sewing.  This year was our 6th visit and there were 9 of us - most of us stayed from Friday through to Tuesday.  We start planning what  projects to work on weeks in advance.  We just work on our own projects and for whatever hours we feel like.
Generally we arrive sometime Friday morning and set up all the gear.  Then it's off to the Mt Alford pub - "It's not the prettiest pub" but the atmosphere is fun, the food is typical Aussie pub food and the licensee and staff all help make it a fun time.  (Even took the photos for us!)
I won't talk about the pin up boys in the Ladies toilet!!

Quite a few years back, we started our "Wishing and Hoping" board.  Each person has a little pad of Post its  and we each write one project on a 'page' and stick them up on the left hand side of the white board.  I keep the pages from each year and do a roll call each time to see what projects that were listed in previous years have since been finished.  There are a number that have been on that board for a few years. (Not mentioning any names here.)
So this year everyone wrote their initials and 2012 as well as the name of the project.  Some people bring lots of little things, others bring a few larger things.  Its not a competition - just fun.

Here is the board early on Friday afternoon.  One of the group brought some mending to do - so she was able to sneak in very early with a finish.

(Blogger is being naughty here - its upside down!  - all the tickets should be on the left!!!)

The lady who runs the place was celebrating one of "those" birthdays this year as well as another major milestone so we made her a small wall hanging to celebrate.

Then it was down to business. Sewing, talking, laughing, eating.  Too busy to take photos.  Most nights I finished up at about 12 midnight - and I wasn't alone.

I had one major project to concentrate on - a quilt for my eldest daughter's best friend who is getting married in December and would like a quilt just like the one I had made for my daughter.  This version is in teals and I got as far as I could as I hadn't finished all the larger embroideries.  But I was pleased with my progress.
I also worked on a leaders and enders project - I had finally organised a lot of 2.5" squares - this is what I got done over the whole weekend.  I plan on adding a bright blue strip in between each row and a blue border.
The second project was to finish a Project for Sew Its Finished for August.  It seems I started this in 2004 and put it away.  I only came across it accidentally a couple of weeks ago - I had totally forgotten about it.
Then I moved on to what I hope will be my September finish for Sew Its Finished.  I did the raw edge appliqué and have other plans for the background.

 Next was the "Red Houses" - a Marg Low pattern. My best sewing mate bought me the pattern and some red fabrics from the quilt show in Sydney, so I teamed them up and hope to finish that fairly soon.  Here is one house.
By Tuesday early afternoon - the Wishing & Hoping Board looked more like this - I think we were all pleased with what we achieved.

Another "on going" theme of our retreats is "The Girls - Belle & Pearl".  One year E. made these two dolls. But they had no hair the first year and went home in a shoe box!  The next year they grew their hair.  One year they were left behind and we missed them so much!!  Their owner got a good roasting for that.  Now they sit up high watching over us and this year they were given a special quilt to keep them warm.  And this year they were joined by a little angel.

Only 50 weeks and 6 days to go til the 2013 retreat!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post Susan,i so love the teal blue quilt its stunning,so glad you had a good time and well done with your acheivements.xx

Aunt Marti said...

Oh oh oh I want to come to Australia! Can't wait to see the finished teal blue quilt, be sure to include some detail shots of the gorgeous embroidery!

Trudy Tradesman, Trinidad said...

isn't it nice to have loads of money and all the time in the world? then you can quilt all day, every day for the rest of your lives! i'm not in that category, 'fraid i have to WORK to bring in money to feed the kids.... still great to dream, eh?

Chookyblue...... said...

it's always great to go on retreat with friends......

Marilyn said...

The teal quilt is going to be stunning. Sounds like a lovely fun retreat.

Cath said...

Sounds like you had a fun time and also got so much done. The fuchsia applique really caught my eye.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Chris H said...

How lovely to go on a retreat.

I would love to go on one ... but I don't know anyone who does them. *sigh*

You sure got heaps done... I love the red houses block. I might (if I ever finish everything else) try doing something like that. It's really cute.

Fiona said...

what a lovely way to spend a few days and you got such a lot done...

Susie said...

Looks like hepas of fun!! And so productive!