Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sew It's Finished - July

Just finished my project for July for Sew It's Finished.  No rush about this project.

I knew I started this cross stitch a LONG time ago - but when I was talking with a work mate the other day - she said "Oh I remember you sewing that - before I left to have DD2".  Well DD2 is now 8 - so I finished the cross stitch part (except for the words and hair highlights) in 2004.

The original wording was "A Wild Wonderful Wacky Woman Lives Here"  but it doesn't really suit our entrance area in the house - but it's going to look great in my Sewing Space.

The pattern is 1331 - Wacky Woman Designed by Diane Arthurs from Imaginating
PS For those who don't know - my surname is Wild -makes this even more appropriate. And I hardly changed the colours - that's unusual for me.


  1. Susan that is fantastic,well done.xx

  2. Wonderful Susan and hey who says there is a Time limit on UFO'S LOL

  3. When I saw this on the sew it's finished blog I thought of you before I knew it was yours... it is just perfect... you obviously haven't changed much in 8 years!

  4. Just love it especially the gorgeous border fabric....

  5. Brilliant Susan! Love it! the border fabric suits it so well... Do you really wear green & yellow tights?!

  6. Love it Susan. It's amazing how those years get away from you. I have some baby booties that I started for my daughter (she is now 35). Whoops....

  7. Susan perfect border choice. Just think, if you had finished that back in - whenever - that border fabric would not even have been created. I think that is why we have UFO's. We are optimists and know that there is always a better fabric coming up. Love it xox


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