Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress on Susan's Sewing Space

I  have had a lot of fun doing up my sewing space - it is starting to come together the way I want it.  Here are some photos:

Wardrobe doors covered in wadding to make a design wall (and so I don't keep catching glimpses of me!!)  And a favourite quilt I made in 2008 (Quilt Diva by Amy Bradley) - a great place to add buttons and charms.

And notice boards and a fantastic calendar -  "A Wild Wacky Woman" calendar in fact.
 Shelving, a plug in fluorescent light - very handy!  (its under the shelf but you cant see it!)

A peg board - very handy for rulers.  And hanging long strips etc!

 A cupboard used as a small cutting table and ironing place and above it a great hanging rail and purple pots for cutters, scissors etc (from Ikea)

I also have a bed in here (in case I need a rest!!)

I am so happy to have this space - its been a loooong time since I had my own space.  I was very busy over the Christmas break - so hopefully my "productive mojo" is here to stay.


  1. Your space looks great Susan. I love it :) It's wonderful for the mojo when you have a space for everything. Hugs - Fee XX

  2. How fantastic, I love the design wall great is that.. Happy Sewing.
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  3. Looks fantastic. I like the idea using the wardrobe doors as a design wall. And of the course the bed if you get tired, ♥♥♥

  4. Love your space Susan.... and you have it organised so well...

  5. Wow- your room looks great, super organized and even a bed??/ I am sooo jealous! LOL :)

  6. Ahhh a peg board. I dream of pegboards Susan. Looks lovely.

  7. Hi Susan thanks for leaving a comment on my post, your room looks great, i have one as well, we are very lucky.

  8. Hi Susan it looks like you have the perfect sewing room,it looks great.xx

  9. Great sewing room, love the wall hanging.


  10. Oh Wow!!! It's perfect... If I had this room at my place, I would never leave.. I'd just need a little fridge, maybe? Love that Quilt Diva wall hanging.. I've seen it before and fell in love with it. Enjoy your sewing space Susan!

  11. thanks for commenting on my finish this month....appreciate it


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