Sunday, October 20, 2019

FNSI - October

Sigh . . .the months roll around so quickly.

I have a very busy weekend so made the most of my Friday Night sewing with my cyber friends.
I finished off the binding of my Welcome Home in Spring and I added the "Welcome" sign

Sorry - no picture for now . . .

I also did some more cutting for My Small World as I plan to take it on retreat very soon.  It's all packed up now ready to again you will have to trust me!

My post is a bit late...Saturday I went off to the Brisbane Craft& Quilt show.....although we are getting some new retailers - some are dropping off - probably the most notable was Punch with Judy - their stand is always busy, so maybe its a one off for this year...maybe not - and although there wasn't anything from there that I's worrying that it is a sign of the times.

I had a list and was able to get most of it - plus some bag was full, my purse emptier! 

Thanks Wendy and thanks everyone for the cyber company!   See you next month  , . . . getting closer to that "secret sewing season"!


  1. A busy weekend for you..... lovely getting things ready for retreat though

  2. Glad you managed so much but I would have liked pictures! *wink*

  3. Lucky you off to retreat :-) Hope you enjoyed the show - it sounds like you enjoyed the shopping at least!

  4. I believe you have been busy with secret sewing and prep work for your retreat, look forward to seeing them all..
    yes sadly folk are not going to as many shows as they used especially here in the West.

  5. Good to have a busy weekend, glad you enjoyed the show, I think we had the same stalls every year here and people got a bit bored with them. Enjoy your retreat.

  6. Sad that we seem to be losing our craft shows....we lost it for a year but it was back this year which was a blessing...sign of the times....and of the greed as the stallholders are charged so much! Glad you still had fun though can't wait to see your welcome spring sign...I bet it's beautiful! xox retreats sound like fun! :o)

  7. A busy weekend for you, the shopping sounds good though even if there were not all the stalls you would have liked. xx

  8. Sounds like a great weekend.


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