Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Night With Friends - June

mmm I may have been tempted by a new project . .  .I really should avoid social media....The Gnome Angel ...Kinship 100 Block Fusion Sampler...blame it on IG.....
So Wednesday night I cute a few blocks and sewed a few.....Today (Friday afternoon after work, I cut a few more and sewed a couple . . . .I need a bigger design wall - or to move some  decorative stuff off the other half!

Here are some of the blocks and the pile of prepared blocks sitting on my design boards....
(I knew there was a good reason to finish off those last 3....)

I am making this from any blue I have in my stash and white homespun.   I had some spare cut lengths of white so thought I'd use that - but it looks like I will have to get some more white.   For the blues, I am hoping to use only what I have or what I can beg from my buddies...LOL

I'm about half way through the blue drawer - but I have blues in the bali stash and in the any prints...and ...elsewhere!
There will be 50 8" blocks and 50 4"x 8" blocks and they are all pretty simple piecing ones.

Thanks Cheryll - away in the van - hope you have found a warm spot!  It certainly has been chilly lately....


  1. LOL it's hard not to start a new project especially when it's a lovely as your Blue and white one....have fun..

  2. Always hard to resist the new project temptation!! Wonderful blocks so far. Give me a yell if you need some blue 😊.

  3. I love the blues Susan. You do realise that's 100 new blocks don't you!!!

  4. hard to resist especially if you have a ready stash waiting to be used... going to be lovely...

  5. So much temptation out there....I'll be interested to see it finished.....

  6. Oh the joy of starting a new project!! I look forward to seeing how it progresses. (Of course you can justify it if you're only using up stash...!)

  7. I love the blue-white! Social media are very, very dangerous!!

  8. Your BLuE blocks look great...& yes staying away from inspiration is hard at times...:)
    Thanks for joining in FNwF again too... xox

  9. Nice blocks, I love blue and white.


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