Saturday, April 6, 2019

FNWF - April

Doing my post today (Saturday) - oops I didn't even sign up - that is remedied now . . though to be honest I kinda flaked in front of the TV...again....I did do some crocheting though...

and then some senseless mindless games on my ipad...what a waste of time.

I do hope you were all more productive...  
Thanks Cheryll for hosting us - sorry I was so tardy!


  1. Hi Susan lovely crocheting my friend ,i have just started crochetingand i am really enjoying it,well done xx

  2. Some nights are just made to flake out in front of tv. What are you crocheting?

  3. some times we just need some senseless things to do.... pretty yarn...


  4. It's always NiCe having your company Susan...if only for a short while.
    See you at the next FNwF...xox

  5. Lovely crochet. Relaxation is the name of the game xx

  6. Flaking out and crocheting is sometimes needed :) xx

  7. A little crochet is better than none...
    Sometimes we need to play mindless games on the iPad..

  8. Wow busy as always. Congrats with the new grandson.

  9. At least you have something productive to show for the evening. There's nothing wrong with taking some mindless time out at the end of the week.


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