Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quilt Class begins

I enrolled in a class to make a quilt - a Christmas quilt - I have told my self - again and again - NO MORE CHRISTMAS QUILTS
but I got sucked in with this picture:
(Can't resist houses   -   or trees - and there are a few of them too)

To justify this - I will be learning all sorts of features on my new monster machine...although I had an embroidery machine before I had not had any lessons, just picked things up as I went - or asked those in the know.
We will be doing a lot of applique blocks and "In the Hoop" blocks.

Here is what I achieved in Lesson 1 
This is "applique in the hoop" - the machine stitches an outline of the number 2, then you place a piece of fabric over the shape - another outline stitch is done - then you remove the whole thing from the machine and trim away the excess fabric - that is quite tricky around those curves - then you put it back in the machine and it does the satin stitch...not a process to be rushed...and "apparently" I should have had some tear away underneath it as time!

We also had a 9 patch block to make but I can do them, although we didn't achieve a lot of finished blocks - I did learn quite a few things and there was a bit of information that had to be shared before we started..
Here is an idea of what it might look like when I've finished.  We are using a few different fabrics, but mainly the same.

AND I was given homework for next month - some candy canes and leaves & berries and peppermint twists ..etc!!!
But fortunately this has been a long weekend so by Sunday night I have manged all but one of the homework blocks.  That green background is so much darker than the picture.

Next month we do "in the Hoop" flying geese....but I might sneak in a practice house sometime.


  1. wow Susan such gorgeous work my friend ,well done,this xmas quilt is gorgeous i can see why you got sucked in,lol xx

  2. Enjoy the lessons Susan it all looks wonderful :)

  3. Loving the embroidery machine work. I wish we had classes nearer to us for that as I also have an embroidery machine but rarely use it. Enjoy your classes. :)

  4. I can see why you were sucked in...have fun ❤️❤️

  5. Wowee! Clever girl! Can never have too much Christmas lol!

  6. I'd have been sucked in too. :) Love you blocks. Hugs,xx

  7. It is a lovely quilt and you are learning how to use your big machine ...

  8. What a great way to learn the features of your machine - and you can't have too many Christmas quilts can you????

  9. I'm with Fiona - you can NEVER have too many Christmas quilts!! And I wish I lived close to you, I'd be joining in on that class for sure!! xx

  10. Oh such gorgeous blocks! I have yet to try a Christmas quilt, but I can see why you love them x


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