Sunday, June 4, 2017

FNWF & the Chookshed Party

Friday Night

I joined 29 other ladies for Cheryll's FNWF.  and sewed and crocheted and cut & prepped.
You can go here to the Linky to catch up on everyone else.


To while away time when I am a passenger in the car (mainly to and from work 4 days a week) I have been knitting 10" squares to give to a friend Maria who makes the squares into blankets for the needy.
Whilst I enjoy knitting - I thought that crocheting would probably be a quicker method so I've started a block.  It's certainly quicker - though not as easy to do in the dark in the car.

Cutting and Prepping

After I found the last purplish fabric that I needed during my Victorian Road Trip - I now have the sections ready for my Little Patchwork Village quilt.
I hope to be able to cut the stitcheries on Sunday and start making the blocks.

Saturday / Saturday Night

Group #1 Sewing Day - so I sewed some more.   So I will clock that up to the Chookshed Party. (Click on the link to see the list of virtual attendees and what they worked on.)

This is a Gail Pan pattern called Seasons - I bought a kit for it - most unusual for me - when it was on sale at a local shop that was closing down - it must be 3 or 4 years old by now.
I have changed the fabric for the background so that I can do all the stitcheries and then put the blocks together.

This is so outside my normal colour way....I am already thinking its a bit dull.   It might just end up as one block.  I might just re do the whole block...who knows???


Hopefully some more cutting & sewing.

I hope all the Chookshed party people are having a ball - and all the cyber attendees are happily sewing along too.


  1. Always nice to see your smiling face at FNwF...🤗

  2. You have kept busy over the past few days..
    Nice to make squares for Maria.

  3. Very productive weekend for you with lovely projects.

  4. You definitely partied hard...good work. I of course like your background choice lol!

  5. Wow you have been busy, love those flying geese!

  6. You certainly had a busy weekend! Lucky you that you get to knit or crochet while going to work. I have to drive. I listen to the radio which is okay, but if I could take a bus or train I would so I could read or sew!

  7. Chooky does do a good birthday bash ❤️❤️Great projects 💕

  8. good to see you had some lovely time crafting.........thanks for joining the party..........

  9. Lots of nice work there Susan! I can't seem to stitch in the car but I admire everyone who does!

  10. Lovely work my friend xx


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