Saturday, May 20, 2017

FNSI - May

I think this post should be "Friday Night Recovery"

Friday, I had a FART - a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!!!

Off to Toowoomba -  to meet Chookyblue, Fiona & Kris plus another sewing buddy Maree.

After a wet and very foggy drive up the range, I met the others in a lovely cafe - on a sunny day it would be lovely looking out at Queens park - today you could barely see across the road . .
Much chatting over a coffee..... as you would expect.
Then off for a short drive - we were heading to patchwork shops - but we met up in a car park somewhere (???) and travelled in 2 cars to the shops.  I was wondering if anyone looking on wondered what would make us all congregate in an almost unused car park and then take off . . .Oh well - their problem...not mine.

I did acquire some fabric . . .and a few other bits . . .

but it all has a purpose/project.... no more buying just because I like it.   (so far this year I have almost stuck to it! LOL)

After all that hard work - some design decisions had to be made for some other purchases - we enjoyed a small lunch, then a farewell to all and off down the range in even more rain and no less fog.

DH & I then went out for dinner - we had a voucher that had to be used by the end of the month.
Finally home to unpack purchases, plus a few other items I collected . . . .

A busy but very enjoyable day.

Got to love bloggy friends.


  1. What a great way to spend the day. Looking forward to seeing how that fabric ends up.

  2. You are sew lucky to be able to meet up with your bloggy friends even if you had to drive in the rain. I see you all had a great time together and some nice purchases there Susan.
    Will enjoy seeing what projects you make with them...

  3. Lol! Still giggling over your FART! What a fun day you had...despite that yukky drive up the foggy old range. Very nice purchases too x

  4. haha.... FARTing with friends..... it was so lovely to see you...

  5. I'll have to remember that acronym!! Sounds like a lovely day!

  6. LOL! Love the FART acronym!! Lucky you to have so much fun! xx

  7. Oh my... FART is just The Best! Good one!
    Glad you had a great day...

  8. You lucky girl...nothing better than spending time with friends x

  9. Reading about your fabric shopping day with friends made me feel envious for a moment but I got a grip and am happy for you to have been the one, lol. What a fun opportunity. :)

  10. Oh, does that ever sound like a great day, start to finish! Thanks for sharing a pic of your goodies - they are wonderful, which you already know. I'm just giving you an affirmation. LOL

  11. We could have been leading you anywhere when we suggested a random car park to congregate in!! ;) Was lovely to meet you! Hopefully next time the weather is better!

  12. Love the FART..........definitely a great FART..........
    dam fog was horrendous........
    addiction deals in empty car fabric and quilting addictions great to catch up.....

  13. OMG! Love FART what a funny one. But I agree unless I buy a Kit I don't buy fabric just because I like it anymore ... well most of the time.Ha Ha


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