Thursday, March 23, 2017

GDITC - Nundle 2017

What a fun packed weekend.

We left Brisbane on Thursday morning - Lynda was the Driver and I did my knitting . . .

Of course we had to stop at Warwick - Glenrose Patchwork - I bought a Cottage Garden Thread and a hanger (for a friend).

Off again on the long haul . . knitting . . chatting . .

Thursday night dinner at the Peel Inn.....most of the bloggers had arrived.

Friday morning ...some stitching in our cabin and them off to the Peel Inn for lunch.
A trip out to Cottage on the Hill - a few more necessary purchases.

Friday Night was in the BBQ area of the caravan park.  A lot of us had brought some stitching along....quite a lot of EPP happening - including me.

These are for a Charity Quilt that one of my Groups is making.

We also had Show & Tell.   A really good variety of projects...not all finished of course.
(might add some photos here later on...)
It was a late night for some...

Saturday - the day we all go for  - Sewing Day - this year the tutor was Bonnie Sullivan.  Our project was to decorate a bamboo steam cooker.  We were given a circle shape of an antique quilt, some preprinted fabric to stitch over and decorate, some felt, threads, buttons and fabric for a pincushion.

A really lovely project and a totally different concept to have fabric with the design already on it. This is a new line for Bonnie - she has a range of patterns in a similar vein - preprinted panels but plenty of scope to make them your own.
The saying in the photo is printed on a background - we stitched over the wording and then appliqued using feather stitch. There is a need;ebook too - printed fabric with stems and leaves and you add buttons for the flowers...I'll post it ...soon??...maybe
There is nothing I can find on Kerry's web site at the moment but I expect there will be.

There were a couple of "lucky" prizes handed out - random things like coloured nail polish - coloured underwear....I collected two of Bonnie's patterns:

Sadly, Kerry has decided that 10 years of GDITC is enough - this was the last one.  I think a lot of people would have come this year knowing it was the last......but I am sure some other plan will be 'hatched'.

We also had been given a design from Bonnie to use in any project we liked to be given as a swap present.  I made a sewing folder, which Marilyn received.

and I received this bag from a non blogger (Marcelle).

Sadly and surprisingly there were some people who did not  come & say thank you for their present. (obviously not bloggers.)

Here are the Bloggers of 2017 - we were lucky to have Mr Bonnie take the pictures for us.

Saturday night back to the BBQ area where we enjoyed a BBQ and our bloggers swap,
I gave these - a Design Board and a pin cushion in a tuffet style - hard to photograph - Dzintra received it.

And I got this lovely set of mug bag, coaster and scrap bag from Diddles.

I will be looking for a matchy matchy mug to go with it - thanks again Diddles!

During the weekend I managed to finish two knitted squares
- when people ask what I'm knitting I just say -
squares to make into blankets for cold needy people...
love the variegated wool in these:

On the way home we saw a rainbow - it's not that clear in the photo but it was magnificent...and we could see the end of it - unfortunately someone had beaten us and stolen the pot of gold.😞

Sadly, the end of a fun weekend - it's a long drive but it is so good to catch up with these lovely ladies.  It was a little sad knowing so many regulars were missing...(Kate - I was really hoping for some more lemon butter , , . LOL) and sad that there is no more official GDITC...but the wonders of modern technology allow us to stay in contact and no doubt some other plan will come to fruition . . .


Fiona said...

What a lovely trip for you and some fun sewing, fun with friends and I guess there was a bit of fun with food too .....
Great turn out of bloggers...

Connie said...

Enjoying your pictures very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan what a wonderful post ,i enjoyed seeing what you made and received in the swaps and love the project,thankyou for sharing.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

What a lovely way to spend the weekend! Pity it is the last one.. but hopefully you can all work something else out! xx

Janice said...

A nice summary of a great weekend. I'm sure it won't be the last time we all get together somewhere.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great post Susan and a great weekend! I absolutely love my little tuffet and design mat...always wanted one but never got around to making it! Thank you so much!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love your sewing day project....beautiful! So glad you had a great time....I am sure that you will meet up in some other way x

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend, love your steam cooker and the cute tuffet.

Jen said...

Fun weekend it seems - sad for you girls that it has come to an end.

Bethan said...

What a fun weekend! x

Raewyn said...

It sounds like a fabulous weekend, Susan, it was lovely to hear all (?!) the goings-on and see what you worked on. What a great project you had and also the swap gift is a good idea. It sounds like a real shame that this was the last one but that's a major effort to have organised 10 of them!!

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

What a great weekend. Lots of lovely projects.