Sunday, November 6, 2016

FNWF - November

Not a lot of sewing happening here. . . .but some prep work was needed for next week when I am off on a short retreat with some crazy ladies.   (nice crazy of course!)

Most of what I will be sewing when I am away is "Secret Stuff" - so all I am showing is the packed bags.

It doesn't look much like that - but I am sure I will have more than enough to keep me busy.

Hopefully everyone else was a bit more productive...(I find I am so tired on Friday night that a little nanna nap sometimes creeps in!)
There won't be many posts of my sewing next week but I will try to get some pics of whatever is matter what sewing is done . . . .it will be a fun few days.

One sleep!


  1. It is great to go to a retreat with all the prep done. Have a great retreat.

  2. Oh prep work is the best type when you are preparing for a retreat.
    I hope you have FuN...xox

  3. have fun my friend xx

  4. Enjoy your time with your fun crazy ladies....

  5. Ooh...mysterious. Have fun at your retreat...

  6. Have fun Susan. Hope you get through that bag of sewing

  7. Have a fun time while away getting lots of that secret sewing stuff done! I have to say I envy you right about now lol .......wonder where you are off to???? Fingers crossed for some lovely weather while you are travelling and away xo


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