Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Having a Design Wall!!!

I've been working on my "Journey of a Quilter" today - cutting the strips and squares to make up the blocks since it's hard to do that after work in short bits.  When they are organised I can just sew at night time.  So I stuck the blocks up on the wall.
They looked like this . .

(Pictures aren't that great - but I am sure you get the idea)
mmm ... not too sure bout all that aqua in the middle block - try this lot:

mmm - no still not right - try this lot

mmm that's OK.
And the added bonus of taking the pictures and posting them here - if they all fall off - it's easy to go back to this post and re-create them again!

I am sure I could have done the same on a table - but the vertical wall is so much better - and I can leave them there and just pick up a section at a time to sew them.

Hope everyone is well, happy and sewing!


  1. what a great idea Susan.xx

  2. Great idea and love your colourway for Journey of a Quilter!

  3. Oh yes it's so much easer to work with a design wall, beautiful project !

  4. Oh that is so much better than trying to get a good overall view on a table or with blocks on the floor. I defintely want room for a design wall in my next sewing room. Tracee xx

  5. I missed this post before tonight. Your design wall is good. I am using the spare bed at the moment for a design wall. One day mabe I need to incorporate one here, after seeing how good yours is working. Love how your quilt is coming along also.

  6. Oops that should have said "instead of a design wall". I guess you worked that out anyway.

  7. Try that again. First message disappeared on me. Your quilt is looking good and I like your design wall. I am laying my quilt out on our spare bed at the moment but that would be much better. May need to incorporate one in here one day.


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