Monday, October 23, 2017

Christmas Stockings

A friend of mine from Sunday Stitchers belongs to a group - Knitting 4 Brisbane's Needy (K4BN).  
Each year they supply stockings with lollies to the "needy". 
This year they are likely to provide at least 6,500.
I had thought I could knit one stocking a week for her - mmmm - somehow that didn't happen - so I decided I could easily make 50 little felt stockings - here they are:

I used a decorative stitch in silver for the top and then just sewed around in red, adding a ribbon.

It was a very fluffy job.


  1. How cute! I was just cutting out felt yesterday for some projects I want to start! I think it is a good idea to use felt.. knitting is nice too, but takes a lot more time and they both look cute! xx

  2. Great work....lovely Christmas elf xx

  3. well done.... hope your machine got a good clean after all that fluffing around!

  4. phew, that’s a lot of stockings! Well done on your 50!

  5. hi Susan what a lovely thing to do,and congrats on getting 50 finished,well done my friend xx

  6. What lovely stockings, and such a wonderful idea. Hope you got all the fluff out of your machine! x


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