Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Finish

Last Sunday was Sunday Stitchers and I took along my latest finish.

I've been working on this for a number of years...
(there is a photo in a post dated August 2012 
where I had joined a lot of squares into strips...
though back then it seems I was planning on a bright blue strip to join them)

It's a Leaders & Enders project.  
I sew 2 21/2" squares together, then 2 sets of 2 and 2 sets of 4...etc...
and total them up to 30 squares.
Then join that to a plain strip - mostly 21/2" but that bit is flexible...
depending in what I have lying around.   
I used 21/2" binding strips too so that the left over can go into the next project.
It's fun to re-visit some of the fabrics.
I am planning one that will have at least one row of fabrics from each quilt that I make in the future - or if I can do it - that I have already made.

This is destined for a nursing home or similar.

Bluebird Lane

Three of us at Sunday Stitchers have been working on Natalie Bird's Bluebird Lane.
This month's deadline was to have all the blocks finished, 
and we all managed that (nothing like a bit of peer pressure!!!)

Here is mine

I used a fat quarter bundle I bought a while back - a Helen Stubbings range and added some beiges and the teal green.
As usual (for me) I changed the layout and used birds in a block that was originally rabbits.

Here is Inca's

(had to use her instagram photo as she wasn't there on Sunday)

Inca and I are still pondering the borders - the original has stars all around.

and here is Sandi's
Sandi is thinking of making a table runner 
and some mini quilts, so she hasn't put her blocks together 

It's been great to have a team project...wonder if we will do one next year???


  1. All the quilts look great well done......

  2. Love all your quilts. Looks great in all different fabrics. Congrats to you all well done. Love your other finish also.

  3. Your Leaders and Enders quilt will be loved by a special person.. It's nice and bright.
    All the Birdlane flimsys look fabulous but I like the idea of birds instead of rabbits, they fir in better with the theme...

  4. Love your Leaders and Enders project and what a great idea! Bluebird Lane is stunning!

  5. Love the quilt. The Bluebird Lane flimsys are gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  6. Great quilts you have done, and it's lovely to see the different versions of BlueBird Lane.... great effort

  7. A lot of beautiful finishes ! XXX

  8. Oh I adore this pattern, and you have done a beautiful rendering of it Susan. Great choice on the fabrics, & lovely 'customising'! Can't wait to see how you do the borders.

  9. Super duper girlfriend...well done

  10. Super duper girlfriend...well done


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