Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Winner - Happy Mail x 2

I was the lucky winner in FNSI in April and the lucky winner in FNWF in June.
My April prize was a little delayed (life is like that sometimes) but it's here now so I thought I'd show them both together.

I really enjoy these nights so generously organised by Wendy & Cheryll.  It's an added incentive to keep on sewing knowing there are many cyber friends keeping you company.

There will be a FNSI this Friday - the link is not up yet but if you keep an eye on here - there will be one this week.
(You never know - you might win a prize too.)


  1. You were the lucky one and as you said it is also fun to join in with all our special cyber friends thanks to Wendy and Cheryll.

  2. Well done Susan, and such lovely prizes

  3. Well done Susan....lovely prizes. I think they are fun too!

  4. Congrats on your lovely prizes,FNSI always lots of fun :)

  5. congrats ,well done my friend xx

  6. Well .... aren't you the lucky one....


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