Saturday, July 23, 2016

FNSI - July

A slightly delayed FNSI - but I'm happy to sew any Friday night and if I have cyber company then its even better.

Preparation - not always a lot of fun - but it has to be done - I have a retreat coming up (27 sleeps...who's counting??) and I plan to finish off 3 quilt tops.  I am making "wedding" quilts for each of my DD1's bridesmaids. One was married before her wedding and the other 4 since. I have already made one for DD1(blues & purples) and one for her Maid of Honour (teals), so now I am doing yellow, pink and red.

I have almost all the blocks for the inside stitched and am now working on the 4 corner blocks for each quilt.

So, I traced onto fabric and traced onto Vliesofix and ironed.

Before retreat I need to cut the stitcheries into 4.5" squares.  I've already cut the strips for around each block and I have the border fabrics packed ready to go...Sounding super organised...will it all pan out??

Thanks Wendy for hosting us again...pop over here for the linky to have a look at what others did.

This time next month I will be on retreat - cyber and physical friends to sew with.  Yippee!!! And hopefully I will 3 flimsies to show before I leave.


  1. Hi Susan you did well my friend the prep often is the longest process,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. Nice to have all your prep work done and I am looking forward to seeing the flimsys net month....👍🏼

  3. You've done very well with getting so much prep done...a very productive night!

  4. Looking good, keep up the good work. Hugs

  5. What a lovely thing to do for the girls Bet they will be thrilled

  6. Doing all that cutting etc will be worth it. I just spend this weekend at a quilting retreat and had the bestest time. Have fun.

  7. Gosh, a great task you have set yourself - you do sound super organised though! And I love your Bluebird Lane block from your stitching day :-)

  8. Prep is always a long part of the projects but well worth the effort :)

  9. What a great idea, you will be able to get straight into stitching at the retreat. What a wonderful gift to give!


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