Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No Fuss Swap

I rarely go in swaps - I diddle daddle over what to make,  I am short of time and I am a bit put off by the tradition of  putting in "extras"....how much ???...what???

So, when the No Fuss Swap was born I decided to give it a try.  It is a NO FUSS swap - no extras - any extras and you are kicked out...so they say...

The first No Fuss Swap was an Easter themed mug rug, a fat quarter and a small treat...But I still deliberated a long time before deciding on this one.

I made this for Jan (aka Little Red Hen) and she probably has so many variations of little red hens...but I made it anyway.
All reports indicate that she really does love it - thanks Jan.

I received this lovely egg shaped mug rug from Rell, a lovely purple fat quarter and some Quality Street chocolates - I haven't had one of those for ages!!...I may have eaten one before the picture was taken...only one.

I wasn't supposed to open the present yet - but some others have and I will be down in Nundle on Friday - the official opening day - so I've given in.
So, if you are interested in a NO Fuss Swap - they seem to come along quite quickly...pop over here and see whats going on.  (Sorry - only in Australia...postage is a killer!)
You do need to be a blogger so we can get an idea of what to make or gift.

Thanks to Sandi, Helen, Teresa & Noreen for getting this idea off the ground.


  1. What a great idea -- maybe I should host a similar "no fuss swap" in the States!

  2. Oh I am sure Jan loved her little red hen mug rug...and your Easter egg rug mug is really lovely too.
    I love the idea of No Fuss Swap.. Have joined the next one...

  3. great mug rugs from both of you... have fun at Nundle from your green with envy friend! haha

  4. I know Jan loved her mug rug Susan!!! And I love the one Narelle made for you. This was fun and I'm so glad you joined in. Have a wonderful time in Nundle. I will be with you in spirit. X

    1. I know you will be - we may even have a spirit for you!!

  5. What a fun swap ... Jan will be thrilled and a fantastic gift from Narelle... See you gorgeous xxxx

  6. Love the mug rug you made for your partner - so very cute and of course the one you received Susan is perfect for Easter. you have inspired to join in the next swap

  7. What a lovely idea....like you I do wonder about the "extras" that seem to get added.... love your red chook mug rug you made and the egg shaped one you received.... Enjoy your (creative) weekend in Nundle - hope it's productive (!?)

  8. Wow, I'm seeing this No Fuss Swap on so many of the blogs I read, I just had to go check it out!
    They're lovely items all, Susan... & I'm hearing you on the extras... a swap is great but the extras are sometimes a bit 'too extra'...


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