Friday, March 25, 2016

Nature's Journey by Anni Downs

I made this quilt as part of the Stitch-A-Long blog - designed by Anni Downs.  I did make a few small changes - a lot of us refer to this practice as "Dawnifications" - although Cheryl has recently suggested "Susanterations"...(think 'alteration')...- thanks Cheryl - I do like that idea....I often say "Patterns are just a guide"..

As I was at GDITC in Nundle recently with Anni teaching for the stitching day I had her sign the label.  It's a bit feint but I can read it.

I am posting this for the record as a March finish.


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  2. Congratulations Susan your quilt is lovely

  3. hi Susan your quilt is stunning my friend,well done on a gorgeous finish,wishing you and your lovely family a happy and safe easter xx

  4. yes patterns sure are just a quilt is nice to see it in Nundle......great idea to get Anni to sign the special.....thanks so much for helping run the SAL........

  5. OMG, your quilt is just perfect Susan!



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