Saturday, January 30, 2016

My oldest UFO

Back in 1988, I went to the first NSW Quilt Guild's Quilt Symposium held in Armidale NSW. It was the first of its kind and a group of us spent four days(??) doing various classes from a wide range of tutors.
One of the classes I did was machine quilting - using a walking foot - we had to pre-prepare a panel and in the class we quilted.  This was all before fabric markers that vanished, so it seems we marked in pencil.  I finished the panel at the time and it has been sitting / hiding ever since.(One interstate move and one house move)

In 2011 I joined up with Sew Its Finished and Marti's Challenge of 12 projects in a year and it was to be one of the projects that I completed that year.  When the time came I couldn't find that dratted piece anywhere...(must have had a "tidy up" binge!!)...So I found another project.

Finally, it's a cushion


  1. its made such a pretty cushion,well done on a lovely finish Susan xx

  2. Such a beautiful collection of pillows.

  3. it's beautiful... amazing what can be done with the walking foot... so will we see more 'quilting' from you????

  4. It's beautiful. It was just waiting for it's chance to shine. Well done!

  5. Your cushion is lovely and I bet you are delighted to finally finish it...

  6. Very pretty result, worth the wait! Don't you hate it when things go missing? I'm searching for my quilter's design pad and graph pads. I know they have to be in my sewing room somewhere but I must have put them in a really safe place!

  7. Gorgeous Susan and that is another tick!


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