Sunday, January 10, 2016

FNWF - January

Friday Night Sewing with Friends - 
Not just Friday Night - Saturday and Sunday as well.....two of my groups met this weekend - what a way to finish off my Annual Leave!
Friday Night saw me preparing for Saturday sewing.
So I traced onto vliesofix and ironed so I could cut on is part of it

and then I decided to start some hexies for the same project:

By Sunday Night I had sewn all but one of the hexies together.

(If you recognise what this is for - don't panic - I am not nearly as far ahead as it looks!!!)

It's wonderful to be back to FNWF - thanks Cheryll for continuing this for another year!


  1. I love your are a very talented Quilter. I too Quilt. I am in the process of making a Spider Web Quilt. It is slow going due to not working on it much. I also do Counted Cross Stitch and I Crochet. I also love to read.

    I am a new follower of your Blog and I would love for you to become a follower of my Blog. Here is the link:

    I love looking at your is so very inspirational and very pretty too.

    Happy Quilting
    Linda K, Railroad

  2. Love the fabrics you are using Susan.. You had a very stitching weekend to finish your hols....

  3. looking good.... I don't recognise it myself so looking forward to seeing what you make

  4. Very intriguing and lovely bits and pieces. Lucky you to have lots of lovely company to finish off your hols xx

  5. Pretty hexies and I look forward to seeing you other project finished.

  6. Sure is a lovely way to finish your holidays.

  7. lots of fun stitching going on there Susan... I have no idea of the pattern you're making, so it all looks like good progress to me!

  8. Hi Susan ,lovely work,well done my friend xx

  9. I haven't a clue what you are working on either but I do know I like it! Love your fabrics and those hexies are just gorgeous. Been trying to spell a word with those letters but no luck so
    Have fun working on it.....xxxx

  10. Wenn ich mir deine schönen Hexie Blumen so ansehe, bekomme ich Lust auch welche zu nähen !
    Happy sewing

  11. Say you really do totally look organised for this one, so mucheasier to put together when it is all organised in the preparation & planning.


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