Saturday, September 5, 2015

FNWF - September

Friday night sewing with cyber friends is a great time and followed by Saturday sewing with real friends just tops it off!

Over Friday night I finished off the quilting lines on this which will become a quilt for a new baby for someone at work.
and I finished sewing the bottom row and some of the side row of squares on this - the centre panel for Nature's Journey.

It's a bit scary that I am supposed to have it all finished INCLUDING the quilting (^%$%^&&!!) by the end of September - sorry Chookyblue - that won't happen - but I'll give it a good try.

For the Sunday Stitchers ladies - I took a picture of Inca's quilt top - it will get a border yet - probably green, but the last row is on.

(I can whip-crack my friends as well as the SAL girls!!!)

Have a lovely weekend everyone
and a special hello to Shez who is celebrating her birthday.


  1. Such fabulous fabric you used to make the baby quilt.
    NJ looks great...
    I loved that PP flimsy Inca was working on at Sunday Stitchers..

  2. Love the projects you are working on

  3. Hi Susan ,wow you sure have been busy,love your nature's journey centre it's gorgeous and that baby quilt is so cute,well done my friend and thankyou also for my birthday wishes,so lovely of you my friend ,hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  4. I love the colourway of your natures Journey block.

  5. you did well on Friday night... your NJ top is lovely... I also just will not get it all done this month... in fact may not get any done...

  6. Love how your Natures Journey top is coming along :) Barb.

  7. Wow great work on getting Annis centre piece done, it looks terific.


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