Thursday, January 1, 2015

Much excitement .

That pesky Chookyblue girl has been teasing us all with the promise of new SAL.  For those who have been involved before, there has been a lot of eagerness, as there was no SAL for 2014....and although we all have more than enough on "The List" ...most of us would fit in a SAL project or projects just because its so much fun. 

So finally she has spilt the beans and our curiosity has been satisfied.
We will be working on:

But we can't start today - we have to wait for the release of the book - so plenty of time to get on with "The List" - or the optional start up project she gave us:

In the meantime - as I am on Annual Leave until 12th January - I am working through my Christmas "To Do List" - it ended up with 18 items...mainly sewing well as some de-cluttering far I'm going OK - I've crossed off 5 things, deferred one thing and am almost finished one more...and still 1 week to go!!
Maybe some photos later on.

If you want  join in the SAL fun - pop over here and sign up - there is a limit of spots available, and you must have a BLOG and commit.  (so, read what your commitment is first!


  1. so pleased you are joining me...............
    it's going to be fun once again...........
    your doing well with your Christmas list...............

  2. She is a big tease...very excited about this as well....xx

  3. It will be great fun and an excellent choice of project. Thanks for helping Chooky with it all.

  4. Hi Susan you are awesome helping Chooky with this,looking forward to it.xx

  5. Funny after seeing Chookyblues post a while back I mentioned to Maree about doing this quilt this year. I'd planned to do it by myself as soon as Anni released the pattern. So happy it's been chosen for the sal as I really enjoyed working on Anni's pattern last year with Sunday girls. Much easier getting things done when others are stitching along with you. Hugs, xx

  6. You've done extremely well, working through your list! I'll check out those details about the SAL, but may just stick with the Sunday Stitchers' one...we'll see! Lol

  7. Well she Susan for helping to set this up this year, am sure it is very time consuming but is appreciated by all.

  8. HI Susan - I'm looking forward to seeing your SAL progress - no slacking off from the leaders of the group! - Happy New Year! x


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