Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Break 2014

I've been on Annual Leave since 19th December - sounds like ages ago !!!
Christmas is always a small family thing for us, since all the relatives are outside the immediate area, so its a good break and allows time for me to organise sewing things and actually get some sewing done.

So I started (late November) with a To Do list - not all sewing - and it wasn't everything I hoped to do.
As is the way with lists - things got changed - some got done - some didn't.

This is the list now:

Its an on-going thing so I'll keep it for a bit.

One thing that is nearly finished is my Christmas Wishes - a free project on Anni Down;'s blog and the starter project for the 2015 Stitch-a-Long. 

I am still deliberating over the dangly bits on the original pattern - maybe some beads or maybe nothing.  It will become a small wall hanging with some pink Anni Christmas fabric around it.  (Soon)

The main project for the SAL is Nature's Journey by Anni.  I think Chookyblue chose this so that no-one who wanted to play along would have ready started - the pattern has only just been released... I hope I have my copy by next weekend (preferably Thursday as I have a free day)....I'm itching to cut!  and sew!!

I also made a lot of progress on my North Pole Quilt - all the house blocks are now assembled, so night times can be some stitching.  Normally during the  week its 8.30 or so before I can get into my sewing and it gets too late to be selecting fabrics and messing around.
And I have almost finished my Mouse Pin Cushion . . more on that later.

Hoping everyone has had a good start to 2015, that your mojo stays where it should, and the year is full of happy things for everyone . . .


  1. Your stitchery looks great, I dod the dangly bits and put a french knot in the middle...have fun with the list...x

  2. I also did French Knots on the dangly bits but could add some beads....

    You are getting through that list.. Just keep plodding...

  3. Very satisfying to work through a list. Love the stitchery, looking forward to seeing all the finished variations.

  4. nice pics to see on your Blog, thanks for visiting mine, sorry i now mi english is not the best

  5. ambitious list there Susan! good on you for making the best of your time off

  6. Any list with things crossed off is a good list!

  7. I can't see your list clearly enough to read it, but it does look impressive!!! Can't wait to see you again soon! xx

  8. goodluck with the rest of the list.............nice stitching..........looking forward to seeing how you finish it............

  9. You've done well with your list Susan...quite a few things crossed off. Your 'Anni Angel' looks gorgeous :-)

  10. Love your list ;0) it's nice to be able to take things a little easier over the hectic xmas break. I'm hoping to have a quiet one one of these days, lol. Love your stitchery as well.

  11. Love the list Susan...I'm a real list maker too! Enjoy Stitch-along!

  12. I love writing lists too ... Sounds like lots of quilters do :)) I love your little stitchery !!!

  13. I see quite a few things crossed off the list ... well done!
    After reading my NJ pattern, I need to purchase some fabric for the background blocks ... itching to get started.


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