Monday, December 1, 2014

So Much Has Been Happening

Thursday - a small & quiet sewing get together...and some presents for me!!

Friday - out for dinner - and some presents for me!!

Saturday - a Sewing get together - and some presents for me!! (and others)

Sunday - a Sewing get together - and some presents for me (and others)

Well, it was my Birthday - and early Christmas swaps etc...

Here is some of what I got from Thursday./ Saturday

Sunday was Sunday Stitchers
a few "extra" little gifts were shared...

These little surprise gifts are always special - especially since they are unexpected and made with a lot of love.
I've decided I really need a "tree" this year.....I haven't worried lately as my girls are all grown up and there are no littlies around - and we have a cat who is just going to love to try to climb it...but this year I going to try to find a big branch or similar just so I can hang all these special decorations.
..and my gorgeous table runner from Noela - my swap partner.
(its going to look great on the dining table) 
...and a decoration

...and a cute reindeer container - it did have chocolates in it - but I think DH & DD2 have had a share...not many left now.....

It was also time for me to receive birthday fat quarters from everyone - Wow!  what a great collection 

Then it was time for us to reveal our Row-a-longs:
too many for one shot - De, Marilyn & Noela

and me, Maree & Debbie

a close up of mine....(just because....)

Most of us still have some work to do on them..Maree finished hers - even quilted but the rest of us seem to have other things to it's on my Christmas To Do list   (I do need a 6 month break to catch up but...maybe not...)

Phew - what a least there is a bit of a break until the next Christmas party.


  1. Lots of lovely gifts, you lucky thing! Love all the gorgeous quilts.

  2. so many lovely gifts..........quilts............a great day to end the year..............

  3. Such lovely gift. Had a lovely day Sunday & look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Hugs,xx

  4. Wow Susan so much gorgeousness and so many gifts in one post. I hop[e you had a lovely birthday. The quilts look amazing. Have a great day x

  5. Lots of goodies there, happy birthday! I just love your row quilts but being a lover of brights over other fabrics my favourites are yours and Marilyn's! I love that you put your group name and the members on the top of yours, something to remember them forever by!

  6. Belated birthday wishes - you certainly did well. You've named the people in the photo's - thank you it's good to put faces to names. All your quilts are amazing x

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes ,,,,
    Lots of lovely treats ..nice show and tell xxx

  8. Happy belated birthday x Wow what a fun time you're having. Gorgeous gifties too!

  9. looks like a wonderful extended birthday for you.... lots of lovely quilts too...

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  11. What a great post Susan! Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to you...

  12. Hi Susan yes i agree a great post,love your gifts from Noela,and all those flimsy look fantastic,enjoy your day my friend.xx


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