Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Sewing - North Pole block

Today I sewed with a group I belong to - the Kianawah Quilters - we've been sewing on Sundays for quite a while now - today was a Christmas Sewing in July day... There was "a project" but in the spirit of trying to finish more than I start...I worked on a North Pole block.
This is the Elves' Bunkhouse - I hope they can sleep peacefully in this colourful house.

I did a few other things as well, but its time to link up to Val's blog so I'll just show this one now.

Tonight I am busy cutting - need to get a move on to get my projects ready for  . . . you know what!!! - just 12 sleeps. . .


  1. The fabric you chose for the wall is perfect! You made another beautiful block for your north pole quilt.

  2. Looking good, you must be getting close to finishing this project...well done..xx

  3. that's a great Elf bunkhouse..... love the colours

  4. What a lovely colourful house for the elves! Have fun at the retreat!

  5. Love your bright colours Susan. Hugs.....

  6. Love the funky Elfves Bunkhouse. The bright fabric makes it look wonky.

  7. Love the fabric so bright should look good when its all put together


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