Friday, July 25, 2014

A quick one

I am having a quick lunch break at work and thought I would post this little image...

BUT - I popped over here before I did that and found some amazing stuff.  I am sure most of my "readers" also read Maria's blog - but if you don't - just go there today - especially if you live in SEQld - what a sight this must be...
A hint??? - "The Knitted Kitchen".


  1. I love the Jumpers and Jazz festival - hubby and I went last year and thought it was fantastic...I don't knit and the knitting on displayed there is just awesome...well worth a visit...

  2. That 14 days will just fly! Warwick people can be so proud of their many creative people!

  3. you are getting a bit excited I think... the warwick festival is great fun.. I went a few years ago adn must go again.. maybe next year...

  4. Enjoy the retreat -- too bad about the 94% humidity!


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