Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Wrap up of the Chookshed Cyber party

First up was job # 2 - sewing all the doo dads onto Quilt Diva.  I found I had a few duplicates and decided not to include some buttons but moved a few things around as well - so almost 2 hours later I can cross that one off the list too.  I made Quilt Diva back in 2008 - she now hangs in my sewing room and as I buy - or am given - new things to add - I collect them all in a bag and pin them to the bottom of the quilt  - whoo hoo!!  no bag pinned there now..

Next, onto Job # 8 - finish off Block 10 of my cross stitch...
(I know its only Block 8 for me ...still debating about the 3x3, 3x4, 4x4 issue)

Then, I was going to trace that last block for my French Collection quilt (Job #11) the pattern...where is the fabric??? oh well not going to waste time today looking...onto the next job....

#10 - Snow for North Pole - couldn't quite decide between two fabrics so I just traced the vliesofix instead...

Then finished off the binding on this quilt - #7 - it deserves a separate post...another time.

and it's only 10pm!!

Very happy with what I got I was adding the photos I realised it is now June - gosh where does the time go?? - and I have also realised that next weekend - it's the first Saturday of the month - so that is Sewing Group #1 and also the second Sunday of the month which is Sewing group #2 - oh oh... just as well it's a  long weekend.

So here's the Sunday Wrap up list:
  1. Finish the mystery heart row
  2. Sew all the various bits onto my Quilt Diva...been putting that off for a looong time
  3. A baby quilt for a premmie baby
  4. Mend my husbands tie - that is to help keep me out of the bad books and re hem one leg of a pair of trousers
  5. Buy and put onto bobbins the newest DMC colours
  6. Update my list of DMCs to include the new colours
  7. Sew the binding on Best Friends
  8. Finish Block 10 of my Quilty Cross Stitch
  9. Finish the machine applique on Mrs Beasley's #2 block
  10. Add the snow to the North Pole blocks that I have already done
  11. Prepare the final stitchery block of French Collection
9 out of 11 - 82%...happy with that.

Thanks Chookyblue for inviting me and so many others to share in the big party.  I cannot imagine how much fun all the "real" party goers had..maybe the virtual visitors got more done - less distractions???

I'm off to visit some of the other party goers.


  1. Woohoo! You did heaps from your list too

  2. Wow Susan - you have had a productive weekend! So many things done and ticked off your list - I do love all the bits you stitched onto your Diva!

  3. Love the Quilt Diva! You have done a great job crossing off sew many project. Well Done...

  4. You did so well.....totally love that Diva......

  5. you certainly made the most of your sewing party.... love the diva and the collection of charms..great idea.... cute little cross stitch and I amlooking forward to seeing your quilt...

  6. awesome effort Susan,i am so impressed you did really well my friend.xx

  7. yes well you sure did have less distractions then done with the achievement...............quilt diva looks good......

  8. Love the look of a list with achievements crossed off. You did very well. The cross stitch is looking beautiful.

  9. I've not seen Quilt Diva before...she is totally awesome though! xx debbie

  10. Another very productive day for you I see :-). Love the Quilt Diva!

  11. You got lots of lovely things done Susan


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