Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to the North Pole QAL - April

It's that time again - to post pictures of my North Pole blocks...

Just two partly done blocks this time - the Reindeer barn:

  (This one still needs a weather vane on top)
and the Trees & Reindeer:

I was able to "beg" the fabric for the Reindeer barn and the Laurel Birch Reindeer from a friend.

All the blocks need the snowy ground - especially the last one...I really need to make up my mind about that - all the same or different???...just a normal applique - or maybe some texture???...decisions...decisions...

It's still fun - a load to do!


  1. Loving your NP blocks.. Great reindeer and tree fabrics..

  2. lovely blocks and I am so jealous about those wonderful reindeer... they are gorgeous!!! (of course I am no further on mine than I was last month!!)

  3. I love the fabrics you've used, Susan, especially that blue background fabric!

  4. I use white batting for the snow, but whatever you decide your blocks will look great with some show underneath the trees!

  5. It is really looking lovely Susan. Such a cute design.

  6. i so love these blocks Susan and cant wait to start mine,but i have other quilts that need finishing first,lol.xx

  7. The reindeer in the barn look so cute. I love all your fabrics.


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