Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Stitchers - May

Once again a day for meeting up, chatting, laughing, stirring, eating, coffee-ing - and some sewing!

Today was extra special as it was the time to give Tatyana - some presents for her soon to be born baby.
This lovely nappy cake was made by Teresa - how clever!

And we all put in for a baby bundle

And a quilt - this was  a group effort - difficult to organise when the only time we all get together Tatyana is there too...a huge thanks to Cheryl who was the main contributor of fabric and quilted it...see below for how this impacted her "normal" sewing this month!

It was also birthday time for 3 of the group - this is the "before" photo!

The Gossipers have produced their next block - well some are still "in progress"
See Cheryl - on the end - she is holding her "Please Explain" note - we let her off this time - just means she has more catching up to do!

And for our row quilt - we are doing a row of hearts...... Last month was Stars and - since I can't explain - let me just say that I expect the hearts to go a bit more smoothly  . . .

And what get together would be complete without some Show & Tell - I didn't get it all but here is some:
Noela's Christmas Quilt

Marilyn's Bag
(one of) Debbie's baby quilts

A great day as always...
and since we were talking about the next date - its the 15th June - not 22nd...


  1. What a great day -- Teresa, the "Piglet" nappy cake is adorable. Happy Birthday to all the celebrants!

  2. Tatty is looking good how wonderful to do all that for her...cleaver Teresa....gorgeous show and tell....

  3. A fabulous day as always. Can't wait until next month. Hugs,xx

  4. looks like another fun day out.............great cake...........

  5. looks like a fabulous day... lovely to see what you all got up to....

  6. Such a fun day and thank you for the goodies too. I can't wait to see that gorgeous baby girl :) xx debbie

  7. Fantastic day - thank you all so much for the presents and attention!


  8. what a wonderful day you all had,love the show and tell and how exciting for Tatkis not long to go now.xx

  9. Great photos of a great day, Susan.

  10. Another wonderful day together. I love our Sundays!!! Great photos Susan and it was really good to see you xx

  11. Looks like yet another wonderful Sunday Stitch! It's a gorgeous quilt that you all made for Tatyana's bub - she will treasure it I'm sure... how very generous of you all!


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