Friday, May 30, 2014

Party Time!!!

It's party time over at Chookyblue's Chookshed.  It's to celebrate the second birthday of her Chookshed.

There's going to be a lot of merriment - eating, drinking, sewing, chatting, blogging, emailing etc

Some people get to go "for real" - the rest of us are cyber participants - at least we don't have to pack & drive - more drinking time - or more sewing time!!

I think most of the cyber participants have organised easy meals, limited interruptions and probably have "a list".  
Here's mine:

  1. Finish the mystery heart row
  2. Sew all the various bits onto my Quilt Diva...been putting that off for a looong time
  3. A baby quilt for a premmie baby
  4. Mend my husbands tie - that is to help keep me out of the bad books
  5. Buy and put onto bobbins the newest DMC colours
  6. Update my list of DMCs to include the new colours
  7. Sew the binding on Best Friends
  8. Finish Block 10 of my Quilty Cross Stitch
  9. Finish the machine applique on Mrs Beasley's #2 block
  10. Add the snow to the North Pole blocks that I have already done
  11. Prepare the final stitchery block of French Collection

Just as well I have 2 days!!!  (Although, I have to also fit in a bit of "taxi service" and shopping...)

Oh well - a list is very motivating...better get on with it...


  1. That is quite a list, Susan. I hope you have a good weekend with not too many interruptions.

  2. Good luck with your list. I'll be joining in, but with a little work and study thrown in unfortunately.

  3. great list Susan ,hope you get it all done.xx

  4. All in 2 days! OMgosh you are going to be busy. Have fun.

  5. Wow! Now that's a list!!!! Hope you get heaps done!

  6. wonderful... sounds just wonderful...

  7. You have a big list Susan. Hope you get it all done :)

  8. Wow! You are going to be busy!! Hop you get heaps done!

  9. wow...great list how are you going....

  10. hey how is the list going???we're having a blast..........


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